Video of NFL QB Cam Newton Offering $1,500 for a Better Economy Seat – And Getting Turned Down

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What do you do if you are a tall NFL QB and stuck in economy? Cam Newton was in this position and offered $1,500 to a passenger for a better seat – and was turned down on the 10 hour flight!

What happens when you are a 6’5″ quarterback and you ended up getting “stuck” in economy for 10 hours? Well, Cam Newton took the avenue of offering $1,500 for a roomier economy seat on his way back to the US from Paris!

Video of NFL QB Cam Newton Offering $1,500 for a Better Economy Seat – And Getting Turned Down

The funny part? Apparently, the seat occupant decided that it was not worth $1,500 to trade economy class seats for 10 hours! First of all, I cannot imagine there are too many travelers in economy (myself included!) that would turn down that kind of money to take an aisle seat!

But, my guess is that person in that seat was not a fan of Cam Newton and/or the Panthers – maybe he was a Dallas Cowboys fan instead? In that case, he now has the story that he had something Cam Newton was willing to pay for – and he turned him down. Not a bad story!

For those that will certainly be wondering why Cam Newton and his millions were flying in economy from Europe, it wasn’t because he was trying to save money! Instead, it appears that he missed his flight from Paris to Charlotte and had to take a flight the next day through Dallas to Charlotte and only economy seats were left available.

It appears that he was on flight American Airlines 49 from Paris to Dallas on Friday, June 21. It seems that he was wanting seat 20K (an exit row on the 787 aircraft) which the seat holder would have had to pay a fee to select if he wasn’t an elite member. Cam Newton was sitting in either seat 21C or seat 22C.

I am only 6’1″ and I know that there are some economy seats that can be uncomfortable so I cannot imagine being 6’5″ and squished in there! I have one 6’7″ friend and he says he just spends a lot of the flight standing because it is almost impossible to get his legs in the row.

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