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Use SPG Points For the Southwest Companion Pass & 7 Nights!

SPG points for the Southwest Companion Pass
Written by Charlie

Now you can use SPG points for the Southwest Companion Pass – and get 7 nights in a hotel as well! Find out how to use this new ability here!

Here is one of the big benefits of the new Marriott and SPG integration that took place earlier today – the ability to get the Southwest Companion Pass and 7 nights in a Category 1 – 5 Marriott hotel using 90,000 SPG points. Find out how to do that here.

Use SPG Points for the Southwest Companion Pass & 7 Nights

Link: Marriott’s Travel Packages

Link: Marriott and SPG Program Information

Like SPG’s Nights & Flights, Marriott has a program that lets you use Marriott Reward points for airline miles and nights at a hotel. The airline miles and category hotel varies depending on the amount of points you transfer. The program starts at 200,000 points and it goes up from there.

Using SPG Points for the Southwest Companion Pass

SPG points for the Southwest Companion Pass

Use your SPG points for the Southwest Companion Pass!

The really great tier is the 270,000 Marriott Reward level. When transferred to Southwest, it gives you 120,000 Rapid Reward points (worth around $1,800 for Wanna Getaway fares) and those points also allow you to receive the Southwest Companion Pass (it requires 110,000 points in a calendar year)! To make it even better, you can get 7 nights at a Marriott Category 1 – 5 hotel to go along with the points transfer.
SPG points for the Southwest Companion Pass

Select the 7 Nights & 120,000 Rapid Reward points for 270,000 points

The Great Part of the Deal

Here is what makes this even better – as of today, you can transfer 90,000 SPG points to Marriott to equal the 270,000 Marriott Reward points necessary to take advantage of this package (1 Starpoint equals 3 Reward points)! That is a really great value if you are a Southwest flyer. It is almost like you are transferring directly to Southwest (because, if you could, you would receive 20,000 bonus points for transferring in blocks of 20,000 and receiving 5,000 bonus points) but better since you are getting a total of 120,000 Southwest points! Not only, but you also get 7 nights in a hotel.

How To Make This Happen

To make this happen, you have to complete several steps in order.

1. Match Accounts

If you have not yet matched your accounts, check out this post for how to do that and then you will be ready to transfer points.

2. Transfer Starpoints

Now you can transfer your Starpoints to Marriott. You will need to transfer a total of 90,000 Starpoints to take advantage of this deal

3. Call To Order the Package

Next, you will need to call Marriott at 800-321-7396 to book your travel package. This will be Hotel + Air Package #3 for the 7 nights in a Category 1-5 hotel and the 120,000 Southwest Rapid Reward points.

And that’s it! This is a great way to use your SPG Starpoints to really get some extra value! Remember, you can still use those 120,000 Southwest points – you do not trade them for the Companion Pass.

Things to Think About

This will undoubtedly be on the most popular uses early on with this program merger. It is conceivable that at some point, Southwest may no longer county Marriott Reward points toward qualification of the Companion Pass. I would think this would be a decision that is met with a lot of unhappy customers so it could be something they would have to mention someplace first.

If the first part is not a concern, I would wait until January 1, 2017 to initiate your package. This will allow you to take advantage of 2 full years of the Southwest Companion Pass. Remember, you can switch your points back and forth between the SPG and Marriott programs so you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck in one program or another.

Is this something you are considering?

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
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  • Can I get a few more details on how this works?
    I call Marriott and order package #3…
    “Next, you will need to call Marriott at 800-321-7396 to book your travel package. This will be Hotel + Air Package #3 for the 7 nights in a Category 1-5 hotel and the 120,000 Southwest Rapid Reward points.”

    So 120,000 SWA points goes into my SWA account? And the 7 nights in a Category 1-5 hotel? Are this certificates for use whenever or do I need to book immediately? Do they have to be consecutive nights or can I use 3 nights on one trip and then 4 on another?
    Good stuff.

    • I did a little more digging and it looks like they have to be consecutive nights. Still not sure if you have to have a date at the time of the call though.

  • Are you sure this works? My understanding has always been that Southwest points derived from converting hotel rewards points do not count towards the companion pass.

    I would like to hear from you or anybody that has had actual experience with this.

    Great news if it is true.

    • It does work.
      I haven’t transferred from Marriott but I have transferred from Choice Hotels and those points went towards my total needed for my CP.
      The only transfers that don’t count are transfers directly from Chase Ultimate rewards.

    • Direct hotel transfers are different from the points you earn with Flights/Nights package. This is working as of now.

    • This has been done by many, many people with success each time so it has definitely worked. I do wonder how long Southwest will keep this door open.

      • Thanks for your (and everyone’s) reply. This is really great news and I will be really tempted to employ this strategy.

  • Can you get the Southwest Companion Pass strictly through the transferring of your SPG/Marriot points? And not filling out an application to be approved/denied….I am way over the 5/24..can you simply transfer the 90,000 points to Marriott and then get the CP? That simple???

      • Yes, it has always worked in the past. Now with this merger and this opportunity for lots of people to take advantage of this deal, I wonder how long before they shut it down. If I were seriously considering this method to get a CP, I’d do it sooner rather than later. I can easily see the inevitable increase in numbers of people doing this will force them to add some caveats or additional requirements to slow it down at the least, if not just disallow hotel transfer points counting towards the CP altogether.

        • That is why I mentioned that last part in the post. If someone does wait until the new year, I would let some other people provide data points before I made this move! 🙂

  • Great deal but who wants to stay at a Cat 5 hotel for 7 days? Maybe a 2 or 3 but 7? I guess if you have the points you can go bigger but even then, 7 days at one place? But if its the beach or something like that I guess that would work.