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Unbelievable: Amazon Prime Day Mistake Sold Items Worth Thousands for $100

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Written by Charlie

Amazon Prime Day had a lot of deals, but this Amazon Prime Day mistake delivered thousands of dollars of items to people for less than $100!

If you are like me, you have certainly had enough of Amazon Prime! 🙂 Yea, even as an affiliate, I say 48 hours is too long (unless they start actually rolling out some really exciting things every hour). But, here is one more post and it may make you yell “NOOOO” as loud as I have been doing (in my head, anyway!).

Unbelievable: Amazon Prime Mistake Sold Items Worth Thousands for $100

It All Started with a GoPro HERO7 Black …

My first post of Amazon Prime Day was about the GoPro HERO7 Black with a $50 Amazon gift card for $50. The original page showed it as a Prime Day deal and that it was $94 but once I added it to my cart, the price dropped to $50. I said in the post it could be a mistake or not, I wasn’t sure. (while this was an amazing price, I wasn’t exactly sure that it was a mistake – more like it was a Prime Day Deal at $94.48 and then there was another deal that stacked to make it $50).

That post trended quite a bit, even though it sold out within like 10 minutes of posting. Right after ordering and posting, I saw another deal posted that was for a Sony a6000 camera with lens for $98. I quickly jumped back to Amazon and bought one of those combos as well. I actually did check another Sony lens I had been keeping an eye on (I am a Sony camera user and fan) but it was regular price. So, I just thought Amazon must have been pushing just a couple of things at that price.

It turns out, Amazon had dozens of camera items at that price of just under $100 before tax. According to this Slickdeals thread, the most expensive item was the Canon 800mm f5.6 super telephoto lens. Regular price? $13,500 for the lens – and it was sold for $98! (affiliate link)

Of course, between that lens and the Sony camera, there were many more items that were at that price – full-frame cameras over $2,000, camcorders costing $2,000 and more, lenses costing $1,500 – just to name a few. Like with many major price mistakes, people held their collective breath and waited.

Guess what? Many people took shipment of those items in the last couple of days! One person claimed to have purchased some $3,000+ telescopes and received those as well! However, many more people ordered items that were not set to ship until next month – even though they are currently in stock. So, my guess is that a majority of the items purchased at that sub-$100 price will get cancelled but many people have received their items.

One person in the Slickdeals thread claims to have bought 5 of those $13,000+ lenses – basically a $500 purchase for $65,000 in pro-level lenses.

It seems that every Prime Day, there are some price mistakes. However, it seems to me that this may just be the greatest “deal” of all time for Prime Day – in pure value, it seems to be even better than some of the great airfare “deals” of the past!

I did receive my GoPro and gift card, and turned around and applied the gift card for more Amazon purchases. 🙂 So, it was like getting a free GoPro. That seemed like it was a legitimate Prime Day lightning thing of some kind. A $13,000 lens? Not so much!

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