Amazon Prime Day 2019

Amazon Prime Day: The Best Deals on Amazon Kindle E-Readers!

Written by Charlie

Find out how to get the best deals on Amazon Kindle E-Readers with these special Amazon Prime Day deals! These are the best Kindles yet – at the best prices yet!

I have been a Kindle owner back since the 2nd generation – like 2008. I have loved each edition and model I have owned as they brought something new to the experience while continuing to give the book-like look to reading.

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Amazon Prime Day: The Best Deals on Amazon Kindle E-Readers

This year, Amazon released their very first base model with a light and made their Kindle Paperwhite model waterproof. That makes both of these models excellent buys! There is a new Kindle Oasis model out now as well but the only real change was the addition of auto-color shift for the display. That means last year’s model is still great and also a great buy!

Step 1 – Using the Right Credit Card

There are a couple of different promos out there right now that will let you use either an American Express card (that has a Membership Rewards earning base) or an Amazon Prime card to get a further discount on the Kindle E-Readers. Here is what you need to know.

American Express Membership Rewards Promo

amazon prime day 2019 deals

Click Here to Activate

That page will be filled with special activation buttons that give the following discounts when activated and the item purchased:

  • 20% Off All-New Basic Kindle
  • 10% Off Kindle Paperwhite 8GB
  • 15% Off Kindle Paperwhite 32GB
  • 15% Off Kindle Oasis

Earlier today, this discount was coming off the original price, not the sale price so these are good deals!

Amazon Prime Credit Card

If you have an Amazon Prime Credit Card, you get access to another deal! This one gives you 25% back on the Kindle Paperwhite models. This includes all models from the sale price of $85 up to $200.

With the 25% discount on the sale price, you will get back $21.25 to your Amazon Prime credit card, making the final price of your Kindle Paperwhite (regularly $129) be $63.75.

Step 2 – The Deals on the Kindles Themselves

Now we come to the actual devices! Each Kindle that is on sale today comes with a couple of extras – a $5 ebook credit and 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited (a $30 value). But, if you don’t know to add the Kindle Unlimited, you will miss out on that! Below are the links you will need to make sure you get the right package (affiliate links – thanks for the support!)

Note: I was getting some error messages when attempting to apply the single Membership Reward point necessary to get the Amex promo. This only happened when having the Kindle Unlimited option included in the bundle. Consider removing that or using the Amazon Prime card instead.

Using the Amex Promo on the Kindle Paperwhite brings the final, pre-tax amount to $59 – and that includes a $5 ebook credit! Not bad for what I believe is the best value Kindle that Amazon has ever made!

If you have an older Kindle you can trade in, you can select to do that during the process to get another 25% off your Kindle. They will receive your old Kindle and then apply the credit to your new Kindle purchase.

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