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Travel Tech: First Real Sale on the Latest iPad Mini

Written by Charlie

The iPad Mini is one of the best iPads for travel and the latest now works with the Apple Pencil! Now, you can get the first 2019 iPad Mini sale with a 10% discount!

Many people thought that Apple was going to drop their iPad Mini since it had not had any real attention paid to it in quite a while. However, this year saw a nice update on the Apple iPad Mini and now we have our first, serious price drop on the iPad Mini.

Travel Tech: First Real Sale on the Latest iPad Mini

Link: 2019 iPad Mini – $369 (this is an affiliate link – thanks for the support!)

While the design of the iPad Mini did not change, the internals got an upgrade and it now works with the first generation Apple Pencil!

While I love my iPad Pro, the iPad Mini has a special spot in my past use cases and in many others. I had left the iPad Mini a while ago because it was not handling some of the things I wanted with it. However, this new upgrade puts a very capable tablet back on the market and in a very handheld form.

Apple has gone forward with the large iPhone XS Max now but the iPad Mini still has a great place, especially for travel tech. It is about the same size as an e-reader so it is perfect for airplanes, to slip in the pocket of a jacket (or even some pants!), and even to pull out at the airport gate to do some one-handed stuff before/while boarding.

Anyway, Amazon has the space gray model on sale for 10% off the retail price of $399. While it isn’t a huge price drop, it is significant as it is the first one we have seen like this. No one else (that I saw) has the decreased price so if you are interested in it, check it out now!

Personally, I wish the LTE model was also on sale because this is a great unit to have with cellular capability. You could almost not even buy a newish iPhone and could go with an older, smaller model if you have the iPad Mini!

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