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Two Increased Portal Payouts – 10% Extra & 1,000 Mile Bonus

1,000 mile bonus
Written by Charlie

Take advantage of these two increased portal payouts with one offering an extra 10% and another offering a 1,000 mile bonus!

There are two increased portal payouts that you should know about today – an extra 10% and a 1,000 mile bonus. If you have any shopping to do online, definitely give these consideration if you want to maximize your earning by shopping.

Two Increased Portal Payouts

TopCashBack – 10% Increase on Cash Back

1,000 mile bonus

The first one up is for today only and it is from TopCashBack. They are giving an extra 10% cash back on all of your purchases through for today only (May 30). While this may not sound like much up front, it can equal a nice boost depending on the retailer you shop at!

For example, they are currently paying out 20% at eBags. With this boost, that cash back amount is now 22% cash back. If you hit a retailer that is payout out big already, that extra couple/few percent can add up! But, you must make your purchases today!

United Airlines – 1,000 Mile Bonus

1,000 mile bonus

The next one is a special bonus offer from United Airlines and their shopping portal. If you spend $250 between now and June 5, you will receive a 1,000 mile bonus on top of whatever you receive otherwise.

To use eBags again, if you spend $250 at eBags, you will receive the standard 6 miles per dollar plus the 1,000 mile bonus making it an effective earn rate of 10 miles per dollar (obviously, you are better of getting the cashback unless you need the miles for something in particular but it is an example).

This 1,000 mile bonus offer from United runs through June 5, 2016 and is a one time bonus (meaning the max bonus earned is the 1,000 miles, but that does not include the regular mileage earning).


These are two good offers, especially if you are taking advantage of some of the retailer sales this holiday weekend. Make sure you check your options to be sure you are maximizing every one of your shopping dollars!

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