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TripIt Now Helps You Plan Travel with Vaccination Information

Written by Charlie

TripIt is more relevant than ever for the traveler with the ever-changing world of vaccination requirements and more in this covid-era.

TripIt has not let the slowdown in travel over the last 18 months slow them down in adapting to the new world of travel that we are in now. Their latest enhancements help you to know what vaccination status destinations require as well as rates and more. Check it out!

TripIt Now Shows Vaccination Information

If there is one sure thing about international travel right now, it is that what may work for entrance to a country today may not be the same one week from now. For a traveler, that can be a lot to keep up with. Fortunately, TripIt has their finger on the pulse of that information and here is how that helps you now.

Here is what all TripIt users can view now in their TripIt app (iOS for now, Android update coming):

  • Vaccination rates
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Approved vaccines
  • Exemptions from quarantine, testing, or other entry requirements for vaccinated travelers
  • Accepted forms of certification

This information is available to all TripIt users as part of a trip plan. For TripIt Pro users, this information can be searched for in each country without having it be part of a trip plan.

travel vaccination status

TripIt will also show you what the airlines offer in terms of the apps that they recommend for your upcoming travel and whether you can schedule a Covid-19 test through the airline (some airlines offer this and even offer a discount on tests that may cost more).

travel vaccination status

More Information About This Update

Here is more information from TripIt about this update.

This information is available to all TripIt users in the TripIt iOS app. (It will also be available to Android users in a forthcoming update.) Be sure your app is updated to the latest version of TripIt. COVID-19 travel guidance is available for more than 200 countries and territories along with 79 airlines.

Some countries also have data available by specific regions:

  • Australia has information available by state 
  • Canada has information available by province 
  • United States has information available by state

All TripIt users can access these new enhancements by simply tapping the guidebook button on the itinerary screen for destination- and airline-specific COVID-19 travel guidance.

If you’re a TripIt Pro user, you can also search for country/regional COVID-19 travel guidance prior to booking a trip right from the Pro tab in the TripIt app. 

Bottom Line

Every traveler needs TripIt on their phone. Anyone that values ease in the world of travel will certainly find TripIt Pro a worthwhile investment (you can get a free trial here or a special discount here).

TripIt just continues to add value withe each update and this latest one helps the traveler navigate the ever changing world of vaccination information. Places change this information quite often now so being able to just use the travel go-to app of TripIt.

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