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Travel Tech: Here Is a New Google Pixel 3a Phone – Cheaper with the Same Great Camera

New google pixel 3a
Written by Charlie

There is a brand new Google Pixel 3a phone here now and it has the same great camera as the big brother – but it costs hundreds of dollars less! Google Pixel phones make excellent travel phones, thanks to the Google system.

Google rolled out their brand new Pixel phones yesterday and they did it with two really great things – great new price point and the same awesome camera system as the higher end Pixel 3 phones!

Travel Tech: New Google Pixel 3 Phone

Link: Google Pixel 3a  for $399(with $100 Google Fi credit when you activate the phone)

Buy Links: Best Buy has a $100 gift card when you buy the phone | B&H has a $100 gift card when you buy the phone

Google Pixel phones have a few great things working for them – they are native phones with the Google Fi system (which means they get the good stuff before any other phones like Samsung or Apple), they have awesome cameras, and the hardware really is pretty great.

Google’s Pixel phones are certainly not that flashy or amazing to look at (like Samsung has strived for with their Galaxy 10 lineup or even looking like an iPhone) but they make up for that with hardware that gets the job done and is backed up by all of the Google goodness in software.

new google pixel 3a travel

If you picked up a new Google Pixel 3 phone last year with the insane travel gift card deal, then you already know if you love or hate the Pixel phones. Or, maybe you got one of the Pixel 3 phones when they were 50% off last month!

But, if you have not yet jumped on the Pixel bandwagon, in part due to the price, but you love some of the things about them like the mobile phone-leading camera, now you can get the Pixel 3a for as low as $399. Plus, you can also get either a $100 gift card at certain retailers or $100 in Google Fi credit.

new google pixel 3a

What Is Different About the New Google Pixel 3a from the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL?

First of all, the Google Pixel 3a does still come in two sizes so you get to pick the size that works for you. Next, you are not getting the glass back of the regular Pixel 3 phones which means no wireless charging.

You are also not getting the same processor as the Pixel 3 (but that won’t be a huge deal for most people). Also missing is waterproofing.

Now, what is the same or better? First of all, if you love headphone jacks, you will be happy to know that is back with the Google Pixel 3a! Also, it has the same great camera system on the rear that, matched with Google’s incredible artificial intelligence system, does some really cool things.

The camera on the front, however, is a single lens so you don’t get the wide angle lens that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL have (but that single lens does split the angle of view from the two lenses on the more expensive phones and gives you one in the middle).

Battery life should be pretty great and, with something that is great for travelers, you can plug in for a fast charge with the USB-C quick charger and get 7 hours of use with a 15 minute charge!

The Travel Tech Take

Ok, here is why this phone is great for travelers. First of all, it has the new free VPN service provided by Google to give you secure web access wherever you are.

Next, it is the most compatible phone with Google Fi so you can simply get the phone and be online in minutes with Google Fi, thanks to the Pixel’s eSIM technology.

To go along with that camera is the freebie of unlimited photo and video storage with Google for all those snaps you take while on your trip. Also, that same camera system has the nice effect of taking pretty amazing photos in darkness like no other phone camera can.

The power, as I said, is great, especially since a quick 15 minute charge can give you another 7 hours of usage!

Finally, it is now the cheapest regular price of any Google Pixel phone available. For $399 with a $100 gift card, that is hard to beat for a phone that gives you so much.

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