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Today, You Can Buy 15,000 Wyndham Points for $175 – But, It Isn’t As Good As it Used To Be

Written by Charlie

Toda, you can buy Wyndham points for $175 for 15,000 points through the Daily Getaways promotion. That is the same price as in year’s past but Wyndham has made the “buy” decision harder this year.

Today’s Daily Getaways deal is one that has stayed the same price for the past several years and used to be an easy buy for anyone that liked to have hotel points for the “just-in-case” use.

Daily Getaways for 15,000 Wyndham Points

daily getaways wyndham

Link: Daily Getaways for Wyndham Points

However, thanks to Wyndham breaking up their hotels into 3 hotel groups, it isn’t as easy of a buy as it used to be. Instead, you actually need to have your eye on a redemption opportunity since you could get 2 free nights, 1 free night, or just half a night (well, of course, you don’t get “half a night” but you know!). That translates to:

  • Tier 1 at 7,500 points per night
  • Tier 2 at 15,000 points per night
  • Tier 3 at 30,000 points per night

If you are interested in this deal, it will go live at 1PM ET right at the link above. They have the exact amount this time as they have in past years (1,143 packages) and they had not sold out the last couple of years on day 1. With the recent changes, my guess would be they won’t sell out today either but we will see!

Here is the page to see what each hotel will cost in points.

Here is what you need to know about this package:

  • What You Receive: 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points, which can be redeemed at over 30,000 participating Wyndham Rewards hotels, vacation club resorts, and vacation rentals worldwide.
  • Dates of Travel: Anytime until points expire(4 years from deposit date)or are forfeited or cancelled due to membership inactivity for 18 months.
  • Max. Qty. per Purchase: Two (2). No more than 2 sets of points are permitted per Wyndham Rewards member number.
An Example of New Wyndham Pricing

Using the hotel that Daily Getaways featured (and that is in the featured image on this post), let’s take a quick example on the pricing. The Hotel Galvez in Galveston is a tier 3 property which means you will need 30,000 points for a free night. But, on a random date, that same room only costs $149! That means it would cost you more than double the cash rate to buy the points for a “free” night.

daily getaways wyndham

daily getaways wyndham

Now, in some places, it could be worth it to spend the $350 for 30,000 points. But, make sure you run that math first before you purchase!

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