Where Should I Stay In Dubai?

Dubai Marathon
Written by Charlie

I will be running the Dubai Marathon next month and had my flights and hotels all set – until I decided to arrive a day earlier! Last year, I was really rushed (23 1/2 hours on the ground) and wanted a little bit of extra time to look around and check things out (especially with so many of you asking for trip reports!). I just got off the phone with AA to move my ticket back a day. *I do have to insert here that AA had an awesome phone rep who was very friendly and helped me out with the change. No charge to move the award ticket (I’m too used to Delta, United, and US Air charging for that) and she had the ticket reissued in literally 1 minute (ahhem, Delta, United, US Air). Anyway, just had to compliment AA on flyer-friendly change policies!*

So, now I am arriving a day earlier and I thought I would throw it out there to get some ideas about where people thought I should spend the night. It is just for one night as I am at the Radisson Blu for the other two nights. I will be arriving in Dubai after 10PM and heading out in the morning so it is not too important about where I stay. I will listen to all suggestions – but I will not be staying at Burj Al Arab (unless one of you want to sponsor me there for a night!:) ) So, let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if there is a particular hotel you would like to know about that I may be able to stay at.

Dubai Marathon

Burj Al Arab – the world’s only 7 star hotel


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