A St. Regis Bentley Suite Is Now Going For $3,500 Less Per Night Than Last Year

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Written by Charlie

There are 3 St. Regis Bentley suites located around the world and one of them has seen a huge price drop in the last year. Still too high for many but much cheaper now!


This is one of those things that happens when a particular country/city gets hit with various troubles and struggles – a massive drop in hotel prices and luxury suite costs. Turkey has had a lot happen in the last year and it has brought prices around the country down. While this can make it a great discount destination for people looking to stretch their money, it also pays to consider what and where you go and the situations you consider worth the cheap rates. I have visited many places around the world that scare most people but each person should do their own assessment!

The St. Regis Bentley Suite – The Cheapest One Around

Link: St. Regis Bentley

Now, in light of all that, a suite that was going for over $5,000 last year has plummeted in cost and is now available for as “little” as $1,400 per night. This is not just any suite but one of 3 Bentley suites in the St. Regis portfolio. These are located in the St. Regis in NYC, the St. Regis in Dubai, and the St. Regis in Istanbul.

SPG Starpoints

The price in March 2016

I noticed the price of this suite thanks to a fantastic SPG Moments auction from last year when this same suite was going for over $5,200 per night! I saw it again recently while I was trying to figure the best way to take advantage of SPG’s summer promotion and a possible SPG Platinum run. I checked dates throughout the year and it does appear that the suite never goes over $2,000 per night now.

St. Regis Bentley

The bathroom of the Bentley suite at the St. Regis Istanbul

I don’t think it is a stretch to say that I will never pay $1,400 for a single night anywhere but I know that some people do find value in doing this in certain situations. If you are a Bentley fan, it could be a cool way to get a special look at a Bentley-inspired suite. It could also maybe make sense for some people if they are using the Citi Prestige with the 4th night free. That would make it cost about $3,500 for 4 nights – or under $900 per night. Still not in my ballpark but will be of interest for some.

St. Regis Bentley

The living room of the St. Regis Bentley suite in the St. Regis Istanbul

Of course, even if you don’t want to pay that much, you can always look at other rooms at the St. Regis Istanbul as well as prices across the board are much lower than last year.

Have you ever stayed in a St. Regis Bentley suite? What was it like?

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