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Some Hyatt Nights Not Posting With Points+Cash

Written by Charlie

I am a big fan of Hyatt’s Points+Cash redemption method. It gives a fixed rate of points and cash for all hotels based on category rankings, so it is not dependent on what the hotel would actually cost with cash if booked that way.

Hyatt Points+Cash Nights Not Posting


The Points + Cash chart for Hyatt points

One of my favorite things about the Points+Cash plan is that it counts as an eligible rate for the purpose of promotions and elite qualifying nights/stays. This is a great way to take advantage of promos at a good rate, plus, it is possible to actually earn back quite a few of the points used for those rates with promos (in addition to the Diamond amenity of points).

The problem is that some hotels apparently do not post those nights (that were booked using Points+Cash) as qualifying stays for the purpose of amenity/bonus points and elite nights. I have had this problem consistently with one hotel and others have mentioned problems at other hotels. When you book a Points+Cash booking, it can only be done through calling Hyatt’s reservations line so they are getting booked correctly but, for some reason, the hotels are not coding it the right way upon check-out. I always need to ask for my points when I check-in at this hotel and they always have to get someone to find and add the Diamond amenity points to my account.

Except, they do not post. Nor does the bonus points from the cash portion or the qualifying night. I mention this each time I call in and the Hyatt reps do not know what is happening or why it is not counting the right way.

Getting It Adjusted

Make sure you check your Hyatt accounts for similar occurrences. This is especially important if you are trying for certain promos or elite qualification as your account may actually not reflect what you know you have achieved. Hyatt says it could take a week or so for the points/night to post so I always wait at least 10 days (normally more like 2 weeks) before calling in and asking them to check into that for me. The Hyatt reps are fantastic and always are able to get it fixed within a matter of a minute or two. They also have said they put a note in the hotel’s account about that but it has not worked yet.

If this happens to you (or has happened), just give Hyatt a call and ask them for help. The stay is in your account as it was a redemption out of your account (for the point portion) and it will show that you stayed there. So, it is in the system but just not posting correctly. They have never needed any further documentation on my part and they just fix it in a minute or so. If you are a Hyatt Diamond member, call the Diamond line for help with this. All other members, call 800-233-1234.

Have you found this happening? Which hotel did it occur at?

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