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How I Scored A Presidential Suite for $125

Presidential suites for cheap
Written by Charlie

Here is how I scored a Presidential Suite for cheap and how you can find these incredible deals as well! Presidential Suites are some of the nicest rooms you will stay in so check it out!

Presidential suites – these are the suites that are often not bookable online and they can run into the thousands of dollars for a single night. That’s right, it can cost over $5,000 for a single night in the same hotel where you can get a room for $100! These are the suites where famous people stay in if they are visiting that particular hotel and often its visitors can include presidents, kings/queens, and prime ministers. So, how did I score one for only $125 – and more importantly, how can you do get a presidential suite for cheap as well?!

How I Scored a Presidential Suite for $125

I have stayed in a couple of presidential suites in the last couple of years – one of them for only $5 (though I actually was unable to stay the night – but check out the photos here!)! They are really nice suites and can be quite extravagant – and addictive! One of the presidential suites we stayed in had our 4 year old son start saying every time we visited that hotel “well, its not a presidential suite but it is very nice!” 🙂

presidential suite cheap

The regular rate for this Presidential Suite!

Anyway, the hotel that I booked is the Hyatt Regency Reston and the actual cost is $122 for the night – the same price as a regular room for that night! I was able to get this incredible price because I follow the incredible Extreme Hotel Deals on Twitter. They do an awesome job of finding cheap prices at hotels all over the world and they have included some very high-end properties for cheap as well!

Many of these great deals are available on a single night and since presidential suites are mostly one to a hotel, that means there will be a one shot chance to book that room! That means you need to be following them on Twitter (but they break down the deal on their website) to book it fast. When they get really incredible deals, they will often send out a tweet that something big is coming shortly so you can get ready.

Booking These Deals

So, what happens when you see a fantastic deal? Book it right away! Those deals are going to go extremely fast, either because other customers are booking them or because the hotel pulls them quickly. You can always figure out the getting-there part later as many of these rates come with generous cancellation policies. Even if there is not a cancellation policy that will let you get out at no cost, the hotels will almost always let you out of it if you just grabbed their most exclusive suite for only $100 or something like that!

While most of us would likely be driven to visit a city because of the destination rather than the hotel, there are some special times when it can be really nice to have such a great room/suite in a beautiful city. Not only that, but if you are planning a trip anyway and such a deal lines up, it is great to be able to take advantage of these deals!

Finally, don’t make bookings right away after making the hotel reservation. There are times that hotels cancel those reservations and you do not want to be stuck with non-refundable tickets as a result of it. But, if it is for a single night or a few, chances are very good that you will be sleeping in your presidential suite for  cheap!

Even though it is likely that none of my readers will be booking this suite at its regular rate, there will be a review of the suite here next year when the stay is completed! It is always nice to see what these suites look like!

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  • I’ve scored a Presidential Suite as well as an Executive Suite across the hall at a Marriott in Pittsburgh. I contacted the front desk manager to request it and she took care of it. It was easy as it was Thanksgiving weekend and the occupancy as you can imagine is low over the Thanksgiving holiday. Marriott is great at upgrades when they are important to you and you contact the property ahead of time. Platinums that whine about no upgrades really make me laugh. If upgrades are that important, you have to contact the property directly ahead of time. You will strike out a lot, but showing up to check in at 8pm on a Monday night as a busy property expecting to get a suite is laughable. They were sold, or given away hours ago.