Register For This Cheap Marathon That Costs Only $26!

Written by Charlie

If you want to register for a cheap marathon, this is the one for you! It only costs $26 and is on a flat and fast course!

Marathon registration fees have gone up quite a bit over the years! For the big marathons like New York and Chicago, you are going to pay over $150 for that 26.2 mile run. Of course, you get some decent swag but it is still a big cost.

Even a few years ago, there were some marathons that went a long way towards having your registration fee give you some great value in swag. My personal favorite was the Akron Marathon that actually gave you a pair of $100 running shoes from Brooks with your registration fee (which was not even $100!). That was awesome!

Register for This Cheap Marathon That Costs Only $26!

Link: The CHEAP! MArathon


  • Date: April 8, 2018 (just about a week before the Boston Marathon)
  • Location: Salisbury, MA (about an hour from Boston)
  • Cost: $26.21 until November 30 (when it will go up to $35)

Still, marathon fees are pretty high. For people that would like to run a marathon without putting out that much money, this new marathon may be the answer for you!

How Much?

The inaugural CHEAP! Marathon lives up to its name – the registration fee through the end of November is only $26.21. Talk about a deal! Of course, you are not going to be getting a tech shirt with that registration (though you can add one one) but you are going to get a registration and the support along the course.


The CHEAP Marathon will take place in Salisbury, MA, a mere hour away from Boston’s Logan airport. It will take place on a state reservation over a 4+ mile loop that you will run 6 times. The course is flat and fast, which means it could be a nice cheap option for qualifying for the Boston Marathon that takes place not far from here.

A Loop Course?!

Running a loop course is one of the ways a race can keep costs down as they can stock just a couple of aid stations really well instead of having 13-18 stations along a course. I have done loop courses as short as 1/2 mile (for 12 hours!) and I actually really like them as you get a chance to lap some people (as well as be lapped) and you get to talk with many of the same people throughout the race as well as be able to have your family and friends cheer you on at least 6 times along the way!


I love what they have to say about refunds!

Under no circumstance will any refunds or deferrals to another race be granted. Even if you contact us seconds after you register to claim that “you didn’t know your 20th family reunion was on the same day and you were about to meet the identical twin you didn’t know you had” or if you try to give us a doctors note for the full body cast you ungracefully put yourself in, your not getting your money back. Your $35 is now our $35. Wait, is that all it really costs to run this full marathon? Wow, that’s CHEAP! Thank you and please be happy.”


If you have ever wanted to run a marathon but the cost was too much, I suggest giving this one a try! The people putting this one on have put on other races, including on the same course, so they know how to put a race on. This could be a great place to try a first marathon as you will learn the course quickly and get a lot of support along the way!

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