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Big Stacking Deals for Under Armour! Miles, Gift Cards, and Discounts!

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Written by Charlie

Want to rack up savings, miles, and deals on Under Armour, this could be the deal for you? Thanks to multiple deals, you can combine it all for savings!

I wrote about the Amazon sale for Under Armour yesterday but this new one probably has that one beat! All this one needs to be a fantastic deal is an Amex Offer. I had held off posting about this this morning in the hopes that one would pop out, but nope – not yet! So, we will go with it as is and hope the portal offer sticks around or gets better!

Big Stacking Deals for Under Armour! Miles, Gift Cards, and Discounts!

Ok, let’s start with the shopping portal and we will go on from there.

1 – American Airlines Shopping Portal Bonus

under armour

Link: AAdvantage Shopping Portal for Under Armour

AA’s portal is currently paying out 10 miles per dollar at Under Amour. I know that there have been some impressive offerings in the past like 20% cash back but I’m not sure how high the mile offers had been. This may be the best in a while!

To start, use the link above to go to the AAdvantage Shopping Portal. Once there, you can click through to go straight to Under Armour. Keep in mind that you can also use those purchases to go towards the holiday shopping bonus (post here) that can give you up to an additional 4,000 AA miles!

2 – Under Armour Discount

under armour

Next, Under Armour is having a sale of up to 30% off their merchandise. I perused through the list of things and there are some great deals there! Once you take the link from the portal to Under Armour, you will see the advertised savings for the up to 30% off.

3 – The Amour Card

Link: Info about the Armour Card

For the first time, Under Armour is having something called the Armour Card which will give you a $10 rebate for spending $50! Here is what this deal is about:

“Customers earn a $10 promo code after they place an order of $50 or more at (Codes are sent via email within 2 hours of a qualified purchase.) In our Brand House and Factory House stores, customers earn $10 for every $50 they spend. (Physical cards are distributed at the time of purchase.)

Redeem dates are specified on the codes and cards. Codes received from can be redeemed online only. Cards received in Brand House or Factory House can be redeemed online and in stores.

NOTE: Multiple cards may be redeemed in a single transaction at a Brand House or Factory House locations. Only one card or code can be redeemed at a time for online purchases. ArmourCards cannot be applied to gift cards, UA Connected Fitness Devices, UAS, or Curry footwear purchases or combined with any other promotions except for Military and First Responder discount.”

I am not completely sure what happens if you place multiple $50 orders online. I would imagine you would continue getting the promo codes but if you wanted to be safe, use different accounts on Under Armour.

You would get the multiples of the $10 rebate for every $50 spent, but that is only in-store. If you go in-store, you will lose the 10 miles per dollar bonus.

Putting It Together

Let’s look at a style of shoe that I am particular fan of. I have a similar style from UA but it is out of stock in my size. I know the original price on this one picture below is legit because I had checked it out last month.

under armour

The shoe originally cost $100. Now, you can get it for $70. Here is the math on this:

  • Save $30
  • Earn 700 AA miles (let’s say that is worth $11)
  • Get $10 Amour Card
  • Total net cost – $49, down from $100!

Not bad! It would be so much better with an Amex Offer! 🙂 They tend to come around this time of year and we do see some nice portal bonuses as well. So, if you don’t have a burning purchase at this time, or if you don’t need the AA miles, you may want to wait. You can always return them later if you find a better deal (really hassle-free return process with Under Armour) but you will lose the AA miles.

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