Quick And Easy Way To Get 5,000 Miles + Bonus Miles For Free

Written by Charlie

Are you short a few thousand miles for your desired Star Alliance trip using Aegean miles? Here is an easy way to get 5,000 miles for free with very little time involved!

Quick And Easy Way To Get 5,000 Miles For Free

Aegean’s frequent flyer program, the new Miles+Bonus program, has some interesting new features to it. One of those features is the ability to have multiple people pool the award miles into one account – the Together account.

Note: Access to the Together program is only available to Silver and Gold members of the Aegean program. Former Blue members were converted to Silver under the new program so if you had credited at least 3,000 miles to Aegean (in addition to the 1,000 for signing up), you can activate a Together account

Read more about it: Maximize Your Miles With The Together Accounts From Aegean Airlines

By utilizing the new Together account (which allows you to have up to 5 other people pool their miles with you) and the generous 1,000 mile sign-up bonus, you can get an easy 5,000 miles which may open up some different award options for you. At the very least, it is almost enough to get to some European destinations from Greece on discounted awards!

Step 1: Miles+Bonus Sign-Up Bonus


Sign-up to earn 1,000 award miles

When a person joins Aegean’s Miles+Bonus program, they are rewarded for joining by being given 1,000 award miles. All you need to do to get these miles is to sign-up for a new account and you will instantly get 1,000 award miles in that account. For the next step, you will need the member number from the newly created account and you are ready to move on! Application Link


Step 2: Invite New Member Into Together Account

Now that you have a new member created, take the new member number and head over to your Together account (see the link above about Together accounts to setup your account) and send an invite to this new member. Note: You must use capital letters for the first and last name of the member to allow the system to accept the invitation.

Once you have done that, it will send an invite to the new member to accept to be apart of your Together account. Once they accept, their 1,000 miles for joining are automatically moved to your Together accountYou are allowed up to 5 members (plus yourself) in your Together account so if 5 new members sign-up and are invited into your account, you will automatically receive an additional 5,000 award miles for use with Aegean or on any Star Alliance partner.

Here are a couple of things about the Together account. Once you invite someone and they join your account, you cannot remove them for 6 months after they have joined. I assume this is to keep people from adding and subtracting people constantly just to get the miles dumped into a single account.

So, what if you have 8 friends and family members and you want to pool them all in your account? Even though you cannot invite 3 of them for at least 6 months (after removing others from the account), their award miles will simply sit in their account and they will transfer to your Together account when you bring them in.

What Is The Use Of 5,000 Miles?

Aegean has some nice sweet spots on their award calendar for various uses. Of course, they are awards that require more than 5,000 miles but the 5,000 miles you can pickup using the information here may just put you in range of those awards. At the very least, you can redeem 12,500 miles for a domestic US oneway on United – these 5,000 miles put you almost half way there!


You can fly Thessaloniki to Munich for only 5,600 on promo awards!

To see some of the great uses with Aegean miles, check out this post (I have to update #7 on the post as Aegean now uses a different system for calculating awards on their own flights) – 7 Great Uses For Aegean Miles


If you are Silver or Gold with Aegean, this makes a great way to get a little closer to that award that you may want. With 30,000 miles being a oneway to Europe from the US, this quick method puts you 1/6th of the way there with very little effort and no money!

Take about 7 minutes and go ahead and setup accounts for your family members and invite them into your Together account.

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.


  • So, if I’m not a Silver or higher member, and do NOT have the Together account, can I just get the 1,000 miles and then later use them towards a United flight? If yes, how do I get the 1K out for that purpose?


    • Yes, everyone gets the 1,000 miles for just signing up. While you cannot transfer them to United, it will stay in your account and can be used later towards an award (when you accumulate enough miles). Or, maybe you can find a friend with Aegean status and they will let you move them in there.

  • Pay attention to the below excerpt from the T&C, as it might (at least partly) screw up this free miles scheme:

    “AEGEAN has the right to deactivate the Together program and cancel the relevant miles without notification if – for a period of 6 months from the activation day – no flight transaction with Aegean, Olympic Air or any Star Alliance member airline, has been added by any of the Together Members.”

    • Good catch and thanks for the heads up. The good part is that you can use the miles before that, so the additional 5,000 miles could be used towards/for a flight. After 6 months, you could register new accounts and get another 5K miles.

  • BEWARE! My wife and I tried to sign up for a Together account. The website isn’t finding my account (even with confirming all my data multiple times) and when she activated the Together account all her personal miles disappeared. I assume they are now in her Together account, but they don’t show up and it is very disconcerting, to say the least. Worst of all, there is almost no Aegean customer service. Phone contacts are unable to help and multiple emails have gone unanswered! Anyone know of better ways to access Aegean customer service? Maybe through someone at Star Alliance HQ?

    • I have that same problem when I set up the account. I ended up finding an e-mail that had the Together account number in it (not sure if that was the account you were referring to accessing). Search your e-mail for that – unless you already have that information and it is not letting you access the account with that. When I call Aegean, I have always had good success. Try +30 210 6261000 (which is reservations) and tell them you cannot access your Together account in order to book an award. That is the number I always call (I do not call the customer service number).