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Not Happy With Your Hyatt Promo? Don’t Register Yet!

Written by Charlie

This morning, I wrote about the new Hyatt promo out for the first part of 2015. As with recent promos from Hyatt, it is a targeted promo with offers being as small as receiving only a couple of thousand points up to receiving 65,000 points. However, thanks to a double step registration, you may be able to get a different offer if you do not like the one you have. No promises, but it may be worth a shot!

Not Happy With Your Hyatt Promo?

Gary from View From the Wing wrote the other day about being careful to actually register for this promo as Hyatt has put in place a double acknowledgment/confirmation to register for the promo. When you first click to Learn More, it will show you the offer that you have received. After that, you then click Register to register your account for that promo. If you do not do the second step, you will not have the promo registered and will not receive the bonus points.

Hyatt promo

Click Learn More to find out what your promo offer is

Hyatt promo

Click Register to register for your offer – but wait if you don’t like the offer!

While that may seem to be an inconvenience, it may actually be helpful as well. I am not sure what metrics Hyatt has used to target everyone but I do know that it is not necessarily tied to status, possessing the credit card, and the amount of stays that were done last year. I know that through just checking three of our family accounts that broke down as:

  • 50,000 point offer/25 nights – Diamond member with the Hyatt credit card and 16 stays
  • 2,000 point offer/1 night – Platinum member with the Hyatt credit card and 2 stays
  • 50,000 point offer/25 nights – General member without the Hyatt card and with no stays

Don’t Register Yet!

Now, I cannot say that this will absolutely work but it may be worth a shot and, for sure, the Chase Hyatt card is a card you should have anyway. 🙂

Since there is a two-step process to registering for this promo and you see what your offer is after the first step, you can change a couple of things with your account and possibly see a different offer show up. Here are the two things that you could change.

Get The Chase Hyatt Card

The Chase Hyatt card is my favorite hotel credit card for a sign-up bonus. I mean, two free nights at any Hyatt as a sign-up bonus? That is fantastic! If used at category 7 hotels, that would be an equivalent point value of 60,000 points with the sign-up bonus. Considering that you can transfer Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt 1:1, that sign-up bonus would be the equivalent of getting an Ultimate Reward earning credit card with a sign-up bonus of 60,000 points.

Plus, you get Platinum status with the card! So, by applying for the Chase Hyatt card, you can change two aspects of your account – receive Platinum status and have the credit card. Those two things may have the system kick out a different offer for you. After you receive the card, you can check the offer again to see if it has changed and then register. If not, you still have a great credit card to reap benefits from!

Apply For The New Hyatt Diamond Trial

Hyatt has said that the new Hyatt Diamond Trial has been rolled out and that you can simply request it without having to have any status from a competing chain. The difference this time is that you do not get Diamond from the get go, but you will receive Platinum status. If you sign-up for this trial, you will have Platinum status added to your account. That simple status change may kick out a new offer as well. After your status is upgraded, check the offer again to see if you have a better offer.


Again, I cannot say that this will change your promo offer, but it could be a good way to try for a different offer if you don’t like the one you have. If you do try one of these, make sure you let us know in the comments if it presented a better offer.


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