How to Pool Hilton Points For Free

pool Hilton points
Written by Charlie

Starting today, you can now pool Hilton points for free! Find out how easy this is and why you would want to do this!


When Hilton Honors announced their changes, one of the ones that was the most exciting to everyone (well, maybe after changing HHonors to just Honors!) was their new point pooling. This would eliminate the fee and allow you to pool points from up to 11 accounts into a single account – for free! They said it would go live in April and I have been checking everyday to see if that promise would come true and it did! Today, you can now pool Hilton points for free! Here is what you need to know to get started.

Pool Hilton Points For Free

Link: Pool Hilton Points

First, a couple quick “rules” about this new point pooling:

  • You and the transferee must each be a member in good standing of the Hilton Honors in order to complete a transfer of points. In order to participate in a purchase or transfer transaction, you must have a positive account balance and have been active within the Hilton Honors program within the past 30 days.
  • Your transfer request shall not be effective until accepted by Acceptance by shall be evidenced only by the actual debiting of points from your account and depositing of such points into the account of the transferee. Notwithstanding the foregoing, reserves the right to revoke or cancel any acceptance and cancel and reverse transactions as set forth below.
  • Transfers of points are non-refundable.
  • Any transferred points will not count toward qualification for any increased or improved status in the Hilton Honors
  • You may transfer or pool up to 500,000 points per transaction. Points must be transferred in 1,000 point increments.
  • Each Hilton Honors Member is limited to transferring or pooling no more than five hundred thousand (500,000) Points and receiving two million (2,000,000) Points per calendar year.

How To Start Point Pooling Your Hilton Points

Step 1 – Invite

pool Hilton points

Using the link above (or this link), you can invite up to 10 members. They will each receive a message inviting them to pool their points into your account.

Step 2 – Accept

pool Hilton points

Once the invited members click on the link in their e-mails, they will be taken to a page where they can select how many points they want to transfer into your account.

Step 3 – Done!

pool Hilton points

Once they have finished that process, they will receive a message that says it may take up to 24 hours to process (it happened instantly for me).

That is it! Hilton made it very simple and efficient to get started pooling points.

When Would You Want To Do This?

This is a tremendous help for families that have each earned Hilton points in their accounts and they want to pool their points for maximum redemptions. It also works great if you know a Hilton Diamond member as availability at some properties can be better for Diamonds.

Just remember – which ever account you transfer your Hilton points to will have full control of those points. So, only do this if you really trust the person you are transferring them to. Also, I am sure Hilton will be on the lookout for fraudulent activity which, according to their terms, includes bartering or selling points.


With Hilton’s new redemption system causing many properties to cost more in points, it is a great equalizer to have the new Hilton Point Pooling to take advantage of the vast amount of points that Hilton manufactures. It is really great that the new system is easy and that transfers are instant (at least in my case).

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