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A Simple Workaround To Access Southwest Internationally

Written by Charlie

With this simple workaround, you should be able to access Southwest internationally again – without using a VPN or any other service!


For a long time now, people in various countries around the world have had trouble accessing Southwest internationally. They face a blocked message whenever they try to access it and are unable to do anything on the site. This has posed an enormous problem for many travelers that use Southwest in 2 big ways (that I will address below). I have been in contact with Southwest about this but so far there has been no change. At least you can now use this simple workaround to gain access!

A Simple Workaround to Access Southwest Internationally

Why Is It Important To Access Southwest Internationally?

There were a few people that did not see this as a problem and instead a decision that Southwest has a right to make. True, it is their right to make it but it is a big problem for their customers. Here is why:

People Connecting to Southwest For Domestic Flights

There are tons of people that use Southwest to connect for international flights for a couple of reasons – free bags (only domestic carrier to allow that) and free changes. Both of those things are great if you are connecting with an international flight on a different airline. But, the problem with not being able to access Southwest while you are abroad on your trip is no early check-in – in fact, no check-in at all! If your incoming flight back to the US is delayed, you have no way to do anything about that and when you are finally able to check-in at the airport, you are going to be getting separate seats – in the back, in the middle – for sure!

People Trying to Book Southwest Sales While on Trips

The other group of people is the one that is traveling when the really good Southwest sales come up (the $49/79/99) or any other sales that help them. Because they are traveling, they are unable to book those sales and take advantage of the good deals.

Yes, both of those problems can be solved with a VPN but not every one is using one or has one to use.

The Simple Workaround

For a little while now, I have noticed that the Southwest app was working for me ok (in Greece). This wasn’t last year when I first wrote about the problem but it does now. So, I took it a step further…

You can use the Southwest mobile site from your laptop or desktop and get around the international blocking that Southwest has setup.

All you need to do is to type in and there you go(or click here)! The page will look very strange since it is meant for a mobile device but I was able to do everything I needed right from there when the regular Southwest webpage still says it is blocked.

Hopefully, Southwest will just stop this blocking at some point. For now, at least you will be able to get in and do whatever you need to with Southwest. Kinda strange the difficulty you need to go to to try and give Southwest business!

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  • The thing that bothers me most about this is that Southwest won’t just fess up to doing it when complaints are made via social media. Instead it’s something along the lines of “we’re aware of the issues and are working to resolve them” or “we’re sorry to hear about your difficulty.”

    I’d much prefer an honest admission and even better an explanation as to why.

  • I’m wondering “why” as well. It can’t be a difficult technical matter can it? What does WN gain?

  • I’ve actually been using my ExpressVPN app to find cheaper airfare. Doesn’t always work, but it’s worth checking airline prices in different countries.

  • You are making this more difficult than it needs to be….Simply download the Opera browser. It has a built in VPN and you can access anywhere in the world by setting Opera to use a USA based location.