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The New Insta360 GO Camera Could Be a Great Camera to Capture Your Next Trip or Run!

Written by Charlie

The new Insta360 GO is just under 20 grams and can be used anywhere! This could be a perfect camera to capture your next trip or run while not making anyone dizzy when watching it!

The action camera/mini camera market has really gotten crowded over the years! It used to be that people called action cameras “GoPros” kind of like people would call MP3 players “iPods” – they were just kind of synonymous. But, there are some other Chinese brands in that space now and even the mega-drone company DJI has put out some great action camera stuff.

A Mini Camera to Capture Your Travels and Life

Link: Insta360 GO – $199

But, there is another company that has been playing in this mini camera space from a different direction. They are called Insta360. Like the name, it is a company that had launched various 360 cameras and their latest consumer one, the Insta360 One X is just fantastic!

I have used it a bit to capture some videos that are just not possible with other cameras. I mean, I held out the stick while on a scooter and it looks like someone is filming me while I also was able to move the video pan around in post – check it out here! Awesome!

Enter the Insta360 GO – Small Enough to Wear Anywhere

But, today’s post is not about that one – it is about a new camera in the family called the Insta360 GO. This one does not do 360 video but instead could be the answer to you spending too much time taking pictures/videos on your trip and not taking enough time to enjoy what you are seeing!

Sure, it will not replace a full frame camera (or even your smartphone) but it can be a great way to capture photos and videos of what you are seeing/doing without having to pull anything out. Plus, thanks to its 6-axis stabilization, it will not make your viewers dizzy when you are showing them your stuff after the trip.

What is the Insta360 GO?

To start, here is a video from them on what their new 20 gram camera is and does:

So, as far as video, you aren’t going to get any 4K video – it maxes out at 1080P. But that’s ok! With just 8GB of internal storage and such a small device, you really don’t want to push the limits of storage, heat, and battery life capturing in 4K for these short clips.

Battery Life, Charging, and Sharing

The battery life is really not bad for how small it is. It will last you an hour and then you can throw it in its little charging case which looks a bit like a bigger AirPods case. In just 20 minutes, you will be good to go for another one hour of use.

Plus, that little charging case acts as the interface to plug directly into your Apple lightning port or through a cable to your Android device. With that, you can offload your photos and videos and let Insta360’s software help you to grab the clips with their AI software so you can post and go.

It Stays Smooth

There are a bunch of capture modes and all of it is stabilized with their FlowState stabilization. This means you can be as active as you want and the footage is pretty well stabilized.

Wear It Around to Capture Everything

One of my favorite parts about this is the included magnetic pendant. Basically, you wear it around your next and under your shirt and your Insta360 GO clips right to it. Now, you can go around the city you are visiting and just push the front of it when you want to capture up to 30 seconds of video, a photo, or something like hyper lapse or slow motion. Push and record – handsfree after that!

I would actually love to see how this does on a run as well! No GoPro-style mounts – just a small camera attached to your hat or clothes to record your run!

Summary – Insta360 GO, Good for Travel?

I will be trying one out next week so looking forward to reporting back how well it works! I really do love how it could be a great solution as a travel camera to help you not have to carry a camera around to capture everything. Just wear this one and push it when you see something you want to capture or record. Thanks to its wide-angle lens, you shouldn’t miss it if you can see it.

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