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Waiting for Your Stimulus Money? Last Chance for Direct Deposit – How to Register

Written by Charlie

If you are still waiting for your stimulus money, this is your last chance to get it electronically! Find out how to register now to get your money weeks earlier!

I know there are millions of Americans still waiting for the stimulus money. If you want to get it quicker than waiting for a check in the mail, this is your last chance to register for direct deposit!

Act Now for Direct Deposit of Your Stimulus Money!

Deadline for Direct Deposit Is Tomorrow (May 13)!

After tomorrow, May 13 at noon, the IRS will be working with the Treasury Department and the Bureau of Fiscal Services to get the checks printed and sent out. These checks will be ready for delivery from the end of May through the end of June.

This means that if you want to get your money via direct deposit, you need to register for that before tomorrow (Wednesday)!

Link: Get My Payment (to get your money electronically instead of via check)

If you qualify for money from the stimulus package, you will be getting it. The only question is when will you get it?

If you have filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019, whichever has been most recently processed will be the one from which the IRS gets the payment information off of. If you are not setup for direct deposit or you have had to pay, you will be issued a check (should you qualify – see this post for more on that and to see how much you will get).

The IRS had previously setup this schedule (see this post) for when you would receive a check but not all of them have been going out when they had said they would. They have said over the weekend that they will be increasing the number of checks going out in a big way later this month.

How To Register for Direct Deposit

Step 1 – Go to Get My Payment

Step 2 – Enter Your Information (may need your 2018 or 2019 return)

Step 3 – May Need to Enter Your Address in All Capital Letters

Once in, you should be able to enter your bank account information. Keep in mind that the IRS is updating the database once per day so if it is not working for you, check again later. But, the system will lock you out if you do it three times in a day!

I currently have comments set to moderation for new readers since some have left their personal information – like social security number, name, address, etc – in the comments. I am not the IRS! 🙂 So, if you do not see your comment right away, it is here, it just needs to be approved before it will show up.

Problems and Delays for SSI and VA Recipients

One group is those who receive SSI and VA benefits. While those checks and deposits to those Americans should have already gone out, the IRS has said that they will actually be sending the bulk of those by the end of this month. This was due to the fact that most of those people were not required to file tax returns which meant that their information resided only with the VA or SSA and it is taking more time to get all of that to the IRS for the money.

If you are in this group, the odds of you being able to access your information through the Get My Payment tool and getting your money sooner are not great. Most of you do not yet have your information on the backend of that tool to allow you to access it. For you, you will likely just need to wait until the end of this month – unfortunately.

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  • My wife and I both receive social security retirement (not SSI) which is our only source of income and we are not required to file. Our checks are automatically deposited. We still have not received out stimulus checks. There doesn’t seem to be any way to check the status for us on the IRS website.
    So I guess we’ll wait until the end of the month with fingers crossed.

  • Should I worry if it says it was deposited on May 6th and still not in my account

  • I’m a single father and I still haven’t received my stimulus check, it still says I’m eligible for payment and that the money would be deposited into my account. Yet nothing has changed for a while now.

  • I received my stimmulis 1200. But I have not received the 500. Per child. How do I get information concerning this part of the stimmulis.

  • My grandson is a lobster man.He is single no income, he can’t pay child support.He has no bank act. Anymore. Can he get a check to help buy groceries and rent? He can’t pay bills . How can he get help. He hasn’t filed taxes last couple yrs.

  • Someone stole my identity a wall back and I got to use a pun number aand I didn’t get one were I have not filed taxes and I can’t get a hold of anyone to get one what can i do

  • This year my Granddaughter came to live with me and I was appointed her Legal Guardian. I currently recieve SSDI, I have not been required to file taxes for many years. The household she was living in previously did file w/ her as a dependent. They have not given me the stimulus $ for her nor will they give me her PIN # they used when filing. How can I recoup the previous stimulus $ and ensure I recieve the funds on the next one? Please help!