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JetBlue’s New Increased Baggage Fees May Be Small – But Will Make Them Millions

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Written by Charlie

JetBlue’s baggage fees have just seen an increase in what customers will pay going forward. While it is not a huge amount, this increase will help JetBlue make millions of dollars more going forward. Will other airlines join in this fee hike also?

Yesterday, the new JetBlue baggage fees went into affect. Going forward, you will find yourself paying a little more for your first and second bags when flying JetBlue – and a whole lot more if you have to check more than that. This increase may not seem large at first glance but it adds up to millions of dollars for JetBlue which means the other airlines are not far behind.

JetBlue’s New Increased Baggage Fees May Be Small…

Link: JetBlue’s Baggage Fees

As of August 27, 2018, any tickets booked on that date or after will find those passengers paying a little extra for the joy of checking a bag. Here is the pricing structure:

JetBlue baggage fees

The new baggage fees chart for JetBlue

And here is the old chart, for comparison (if you booked your flight prior to August 27, you will still pay the fees for checked bags that you see below):

JetBlue baggage fees

The pricing chart for tickets purchased before August 27, 2018

As you can see, it is “only” a $5 increase for the first and second bags (and Blue Flex tickets still allow two bags for free). But, it is a 50% increase on the 3rd+ bags at a whopping $50 extra. Also, if your bag is over 50lbs, you will also finding yourself paying that $150 fee – another increase of 50%.

Getting Bags for Free

Of course Mosaic members (JetBlue’s elite level), you will still get two bags for free. If you have the JetBlue Plus credit card, you will also still get your first bag free (as will up to 3 travelers on your reservation).

… This Increase Will Make JetBlue Millions of Dollars

Last year, US airlines pulled in over $4.6 billion in baggage fees. This means that JetBlue’s “little” $5 increase on bags will help them haul in even more money going forward. It will quickly add up to millions of extra dollars for them as their popularity grows (they are still one of the best airlines to fly domestically, thanks to their seats and free, live TV).

Other Airlines to Follow?

The bad part (as if paying more to transport your bags is not bad enough) is that airlines are notorious at copying each other in ways to get more money out of customers. JetBlue is not normally the frontrunner on such changes but I am sure that the big 3 (AA, Delta, and United) are eyeing this increase a little jealously. In fact, two Canadian carriers (WestJet and Air Canada) also just announced that they are raising their baggage fees as well.

The real winner in these baggage fee hikes will be Southwest. As long as they continue their “bags fly free” motto, they should draw some new customers to their airline – customers that are tired of getting nickled and dimed by the other airlines.

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  • Forget the bag fees, the change fees have exploded from a flat $75 at T-60 days to a sliding scale up to $150.
    Cannot believe nobody has posted about this aspect of the new fees

    • You are right – I had read about that a while ago and forgot that they just got implemented as well (I do not do changed with JetBlue much anymore so had forgotten about it). Thank you for reminding me. I will do a post about that as well.