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Is This First Class Cabin TOO Much?

First Class cabin
Written by Charlie

It is certainly relaxing and enjoyable to fly in a first class cabin. But, is this first class cabin too much?

I remember when Etihad first revealed their eventual first class cabin for their A380 aircraft. I remember thinking, “what must that feel like to fly in?!” Then, several months later, I found that they had started releasing award availability to partners and I had my own unbelievable first class seat – or Apartment – on Etihad’s A380.

Is This First Class Cabin TOO Much?

Now, here I am again wondering what this first class cabin would feel like to fly in. But, I am also wondering if it is too much. It is obvious that airlines are trying to blur the lines a bit between private jet and first class and that they will continue to try and push it. I mean, if their passenger has the money to fly private internationally, why not try to give them an even better experience onboard commercial and they do not even need to go the private route.

This First Class cabin, or First Spaces, is merely a concept and design right now. But, it is a design that has come about because the maker, Seymour Powell, says that it is what first class passengers are asking for. They want more privacy so Seymour Powell has design this First Spaces cabin that has four single rooms and two double rooms.

According to Business Insider, each room comes with a bed, TV screen, a table, storage space, and a tablet to control the room’s functions.

This first class cabin was designed with the A380 in mind. The range on the A380 is 9,444 miles. That is about 18 hours of flying. The logical airline that such a cabin would be targeted at is Emirates given the amount of A380s they fly. But, there are not a lot of places where Emirates would come near the range limit with the A380 that would likely justify this kind of cabin.

If you were to fly on the A380 for 14 hours, the current first class cabin on most international airlines would certainly be great and comfortable. But, this type of first class cabin is obviously targeted at even more select group of people – those to whom comfort alone is not enough. They want the added sense of privacy.

Will this first class cabin ever see the skies? I am sure at some point something similar will make an appearance. For now, I think most of us will be just fine flying along in the current cabins! 🙂

Obviously, if I have to ask if this cabin is too much then I am certainly not the person that they would target!

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  • When I flew on the EY A380 and EK A380, I felt both first class seats had a lot of privacy. I guess the main difference with this one is its fully enclosed doors.
    Overall, I don’t think there is such a thing as a first class cabin that’s ‘too much.’ Heck back several years ago when Emirates A380 introduced the showerspa on the A380 a lot of people thought that was too much, though you don’t hear anyone complaining about it anymore.

  • Wow…just wow…
    I’ve never been that impressed with the SQ and ME airline suites, this however takes it to a whole new level.