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How To Save Up To 65% On Under Armour Gear

Amex Offers
Written by Charlie

Here are some great ways that you can save up to 65% on what you will buy from Under Armour. Get some qualify gear that would be $500 for as low as $175!

Since the time Under Armour first came out with their compression gear, I was a fan. Now that they have branched out to cover so many sports and even business casual, I am even more of a fan. In fact, unless it is a shirt I got from running a race, everything I run in is Under Armour brand. It is not that there is nothing else as nice, it is just that I have enjoyed the fit and the quality of Under Armour. That is not even mentioning the great success I have had with UA and their warranty (had a couple of items replaced/credit given when they failed).

But, Under Armour (and similarly styled competitor clothing) can be pretty pricey. I used to always shop the clearance rack at Dick’s Sporting Goods unless I was near an Under Armour Factory store (outlet). But, here is a way where you can get $500 in gear (whether from the outlet online or regularly priced gear) for $175 – or even a bit lower depending on the cards you have.

How To Save 65% On Under Armour

UPDATE: The Visa Checkout offer below has expired but the other deals are still active. The percentage off is now less – it is at 58% off.

Gift Cards

First of all, there are two great promos running right now – one from American Express and one from Visa Checkout that will help get you at least $50 off your purchase of $250. Here is what you need to do:

Amex Offers – $40 off $200

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Under ArmourCheck your Amex Offers and save to as many cards as you can, the Amex Offer for $20 back on $100 purchase or more at Under Armour. I can confirm that these worked on gift cards for me so you should be all set with them as well. Make sure you open a tab for each card before you save the offer so you can save it to at least 2 credit cards. Once that is set, you could go ahead and buy 2 $100 gift cards from Under Armour (e-gift cards are fine but make sure you use the 2 cards you saved the Amex Offer to – which means separate orders).

Visa Checkout – $15 free (or more)

This deal has now expired.

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The next one expires today so make sure you do this today. This will only work if you have not taken advantage of the Visa Checkout offer yet on your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire card. If you have not, you can buy a $15 Under Armour gift card and receive a $15 statement credit on that card. If you have access to another Sapphire/Sapphire Preferred card, you can do it again for another $15. But, it is one credit per account so if you have already triggered it, this will not work for you.

50% Off Discount Code

Under Armour

Get 50% off at Under Armour!

– There are 3 available (at the time of the writing) for $13.99 each at this link. If they are gone by the time you get there, consider contacting the seller so that you know next time there are more – eBay Link

On eBay, there are quite a few 50% off Under Armour codes that pop up from time-to-time. I did not figure the cost of the code into the equation because they do range in price. I have seen them for as little as $6 and as much as $20. But, expect to pay around $10 for one.

These codes will give you 50% off items from either the main site or the outlet part of the Under Armour store online. The limit is $500 of original price (that includes whatever sale prices exist in the outlet). So, if you put the limit of $500 in your cart, your total will automactically drop to $250 when you enter the code!

Take note – you can only use one code per address per year, so make sure you are maxing it out with your order!

While I do not currently see any codes on eBay, they do pop up with regular frequency from various sellers so put on alert on and keep an eye out. I have received the codes in as little as a couple of hours after ordering so you could be ready to buy in hours.

Portal Payout

While the portal payouts do hike up from time-to-time, TopCashBack is also pretty regular with 8% cashback. If you do the 8% cashback on the $250 spend, you will get $20 in cash back after a while. I can confirm that this has worked for me as well, even though you are using a discount code and gift cards – no problems for me. This is not to say that it will work for everyone so this may not be a guarantee since portals say that it will not work with a discount code not provided on that page.

Putting It All Together

Obviously, you are going to get the 65% off if you fill your cart with the maximum of $500. If you follow all of this (not counting the cost of the discount code), you could end up paying $175 (pre-taxfor $500 in actual price of merchandise! If you purchase from the outlet, you will be saving even more money off of the retail price!

This is a fantastic way to get amazing gear at an even more amazing price. I can confirm that this all has worked for me recently so I have no reason to think it will not work going forward as well. However, do consider that it may be possible you will not receive the $20 in the portal payout since they say that it does not payout with discount codes. Again, my experience has been different, so just take that into consideration.

While you must buy the gift card today using Visa Checkout to get the free $15, the rest of it can wait for a while. You can buy the gift cards using your Amex cards sometime before November 11 and then just wait until you find a discount code. So, wait until you find the items you want to place your order!

Under Armour

Great deal on Garmin from Under Armour!

There are a lot of great deals available at Under Armour! One of the interesting ones is the Garmin Forerunner 220 available for $199. If you were to just purchase that using these deals, you could pay less than $90 for a quality running GPS watch! That is just in addition to the great Under Armour gear also available.

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