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How to Fill Out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF) – You Must Do This!

Written by Charlie

If you plan on visiting Greece, you will need to fill out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Here is what you need to do and what you should know about this form.

With travel starting to seem a bit more normal than last year and Greece open to Americans, it may feel like you can just hop on a plane and go! However, there is one essential thing you need to do before leaving for Greece and that is filling out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Here is what you need to know.

Filling Out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

This is important – you cannot enter Greece without having received a QR code for your completed Passenger Locator Form so make sure you do this!

What You Need to Know About the Greek Passenger Locator Form

The Greek travel government page (found here) is the place you want to start. Every traveler coming to Greece needs to fill out one of these forms, irregardless of your Covid test status/vaccination status. This is for all travelers – tourists and residents – so this definitely includes you!

The Passenger Locator Form must be filled out no later than 11:59PM on the day before arriving in Greece! This is local time in Greece, not your departure local time. Greece is currently 7 hours ahead of the Eastern US, 8 hours ahead of Central time, 9 hours ahead of Mountain time, and 10 hours ahead of Pacific time. Keep this in mind because it is very likely that you will be too late if you try to fill it out before arriving at the airport for departure.

The airline will not give you your ticket without at least confirmation of you having filled out the Passenger Locator Form – confirmation because you will not actually receive the actual PLF QR code until 12:00AM on the day of your arrival in Greece. Also, the form will not let you fill out the form if you are starting it after 11:59PM the day before your arrival.

Filling Out the Passenger Locator Form

The first step is filling out the method of transportation for your arrival. For most of you, it will be by aircraft. After that, you need to fill in the actual airline name and then the airline code and flight number (for example, Lufthansa is LH and then the flight number). This is filled in like that for the flight number. This flight information is for your arriving flight to the point of entry in Greece, not the one from the US.

Next you will select the point of entry. All allowed ports are listed in the dropdown box. If there is an internal connection, you can enter that flight info as well (if you are connecting from your arriving flight in Greece to another flight in Greece).

You need to next enter what your valid form of proof is for your Covid status. You are allowed one of the following:

  • Complete vaccination status (meaning your CDC card showing your dates of doses and at least 14 days since your final dose)
  • Negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival (this one is important as well since it is different from many other countries – it is before arrival, not departure. This is a tight turnaround to take the test and get the results before your departing flight from the US and it needs to be a PCR not the quicker antigen test.)
  • Recovery from Covid in the past 9 months (which requires a positive test and a medical clearance that you are ok to fly)

You only need to submit one form for a family/household. Be careful when filling it out because there is a spot at the bottom to add additional family members. If you arrive at the end of the form and did not see a place to fill out for additional family members (and you need to do so), you can edit it to update it.

You will need to fill in your details including your name, passport number, phone numbers (include a number that is accessible to you in Greece in case they need to reach you) and your age and e-mail. You will also give the address of your stay in Greece as well as your permanent address and where you were pro to arriving in Greece – as in which countries.

Lastly, you will fill out your emergency contact information.

Receiving Your Passenger Locator Form

You will receive your QR code to the e-mail address listed right at/around 12:00AM on the day of your arrival. Make sure you have some kind of data connection to access that before you arrive at the counters in Greece! If you are connecting in Europe, you will need to have the actual QR code to show them there so you can try using the airport WiFi.

The e-mail you will receive is from the Hellenic Republic – and has a subject of “Important: your PLF document for your upcoming trip to Greece.

That’s it! Remember, it is one per family/household so you will receive just the one for your whole family.

When you arrive in Greece, you will enter a queue to something that may resemble a passport windowed entrance area. There, the officials will examine your PLF and covid-19 paperwork.

Bottom Line

Greece first introduced the Passenger Locator Form last year to help identify which passengers presented a higher level of risk. I have entered Greece 4 times since last June and had to use the form each time. Three times, I was pulled aside for another Covid test right then but this most recent time, I was allowed to just pass on as the rate in the US has come down lately.

For any of you who are citizens or residents and you plan on leaving Greece, you also need to fill out the same PLF to depart FROM Greece but tourists are not required to do this, only citizens and residents.

Hey, filling out the Greek Passenger Locator Form is an extra step but it is part of what has allowed Greece to open to Americans and others so not really that big of a deal! Just make sure you do it as you will not be allowed to enter Greece without it.

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  • Hi I’m trying to fill out the form for my family but it will only allow me to list 2 people (my husband and I, not my children). How can I add them to it?

    • It should be offering the option (at the bottom) to add another person. I know because we did our whole family on one. Not sure why it wouldn’t give you the option for an additional after the third. Scroll down more in case it is hidden.

  • How fast did you receive the QR code? I Filled the PLF form 2 days ago, they had sent confirmation.
    Tomorrow is a flight, I still didn’t receive the QR code

      • Thanks Charlie. Is this confirmed somewhere? An American-passport holding friend left last Friday, June 11 (flying Athens – Bologna) and was asked for a PLF. Thanks, Thomas

        • Strange because it was never required for anyone but Greek citizens and residents of Greece for EXIT. It must have just been a clueless airline rep?
          A reader confirmed with the government that it was no longer required for citizens/residents from May 25 which would jibe with the fact that it is no longer available to even fill out for exit.

          • Yeah: I say it was the uninformed rep. Should be all fine for Thursday’s flight, then. Thank you Charlie!

          • No, but it is NOT written down that you do need it. That has been scrubbed since May 25 and you cannot even fill out the form for departing. But, again, unless you are a Greek citizen or a resident of Greece, you wouldn’t have needed to deal with it on exit from Greece anyway.

  • It says one per household, but there is not a spot for other household members to put their type of vaccine, if different from the person filling out the form. Does that matter? And I too could not find a place to put my child travelling with us, but added her under “non-family” as there was one spot allowed there.

    • So sorry, Carla, just seeing this now. Not sure if you are already done with it or not but the form is only asking for an adult’s main info and everyone else is just added on for name purposes. You will show your vaccination certificates on arrival.

  • I filled out this form for myself and added my husband and 9 year old daughter as family members. It only asked for my vaccine info. Nothing for my husband or my daughter who will be bringing a negative Covid test. I don’t understand why it doesn’t ask for their info. Are you sure they don’t need to fill this out separately? Seems strange that all they wanted was their basic info.

    • I went back and checked my PLF for when my family came with me and it was the same – they just wanted the names. They really are only wanting to know so they who/how many are coming in and then where to find them if there was an issue on the plane or something. You should be just fine. It is just one per family so don’t fill out separate ones.

  • We are travelling from USA to Athens via direct flight. Then we have a seperate domestic flight via local airline from Athens to santorini three hours after arrival, its not connecting flight.
    Do we need to include the flight number for the domestic flight on PLF form or only USA-Athens flight number?

  • Dear Charlie,
    Your comments are so valuable.
    My flight is on Friday(18th June) morning 7.30AM Middle East time to Mykonos. When should I fill the PLF form to get my QR code on time. Kindly guide me.
    Thanks/Manal K

    • Thanks, Manal! So, you should fill it out sometime Thursday, June 17, before midnight local time in Greece. This shouldn’t be a problem since if you fill it out your Thursday, you would be before Friday Greek time.
      You could do it tomorrow as well, just fill it out and then you will receive the QR code around midnight on Friday morning, Greek time. Should work out just fine! Enjoy your time in Mykonos!

  • Sorry, a little confused,the password needed for plf completion requested purposes is another separate password,NOT the password of my email access,correct?Also a SIM card from Greece will work to receive email at airport of USA?

    • Hi, Debbie – correct, whatever password you want to use for the Greek portal. I would even suggest you do not use the same password as you use for anything else.
      A Greek SIM card in America could work but it will charge quite a bit for a SMS, not sure how much since I don’t know what company you have.
      But it’s ok because you will get an email with the PLF code as well so as long as you use the email, you are all set. Most airports in Europe have free WiFi so if you are transiting one, you can always connect and download the email there.

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