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How to Fill Out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF) – You Must Do This!

Written by Charlie

If you plan on visiting Greece, you will need to fill out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Here is what you need to do and what you should know about this form.

With travel starting to seem a bit more normal than last year and Greece open to Americans, it may feel like you can just hop on a plane and go! However, there is one essential thing you need to do before leaving for Greece and that is filling out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Here is what you need to know.

Filling Out the Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

Update: There is a phone number you can call – in both Greek and English – if you need additional help! They are open from 9am to 5pm, Greek time (which is currently 7 hours ahead of NYC). It is +30 215 5605151. They are open Monday – Friday.

This is important – you cannot enter Greece without having received a QR code for your completed Passenger Locator Form so make sure you do this!

What You Need to Know About the Greek Passenger Locator Form

The Greek travel government page (found here) is the place you want to start. Every traveler coming to Greece needs to fill out one of these forms, irregardless of your Covid test status/vaccination status. This is for all travelers – tourists and residents – so this definitely includes you!

The Passenger Locator Form must be filled out no later than 11:59PM on the day before arriving in Greece! This is local time in Greece, not your departure local time. Greece is currently 7 hours ahead of the Eastern US, 8 hours ahead of Central time, 9 hours ahead of Mountain time, and 10 hours ahead of Pacific time. Keep this in mind because it is very likely that you will be too late if you try to fill it out before arriving at the airport for departure.

The airline will not give you your ticket without at least confirmation of you having filled out the Passenger Locator Form – confirmation because you will not actually receive the actual PLF QR code until 12:00AM on the day of your arrival in Greece. Also, the form will not let you fill out the form if you are starting it after 11:59PM the day before your arrival.

Filling Out the Passenger Locator Form

The first step is filling out the method of transportation for your arrival. For most of you, it will be by aircraft. After that, you need to fill in the actual airline name and then the airline code and flight number (for example, Lufthansa is LH and then the flight number). This is filled in like that for the flight number. This flight information is for your arriving flight to the point of entry in Greece, not the one from the US.

Next you will select the point of entry. All allowed ports are listed in the dropdown box. If there is an internal connection, you can enter that flight info as well (if you are connecting from your arriving flight in Greece to another flight in Greece).

You need to next enter what your valid form of proof is for your Covid status. You are allowed one of the following:

  • Complete vaccination status (meaning your CDC card showing your dates of doses and at least 14 days since your final dose)
  • Negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival (this one is important as well since it is different from many other countries – it is before arrival, not departure. This is a tight turnaround to take the test and get the results before your departing flight from the US and it needs to be a PCR not the quicker antigen test.)
    • Rapid antigen tests now are accepted as well but they need to be taken 48 hours before arriving in Greece
  • Recovery from Covid in the past 9 months (which requires a positive test and a medical clearance that you are ok to fly)

You only need to submit one form for a family/household. Be careful when filling it out because there is a spot at the bottom to add additional family members. If you arrive at the end of the form and did not see a place to fill out for additional family members (and you need to do so), you can edit it to update it.

You will need to fill in your details including your name, passport number, phone numbers (include a number that is accessible to you in Greece in case they need to reach you) and your age and e-mail. You will also give the address of your stay in Greece as well as your permanent address and where you were pro to arriving in Greece – as in which countries.

Lastly, you will fill out your emergency contact information.

Receiving Your Passenger Locator Form

You will receive your QR code to the e-mail address listed right at/around 12:00AM on the day of your arrival. Make sure you have some kind of data connection to access that before you arrive at the counters in Greece! If you are connecting in Europe, you will need to have the actual QR code to show them there so you can try using the airport WiFi.

The e-mail you will receive is from the Hellenic Republic – and has a subject of “Important: your PLF document for your upcoming trip to Greece.

That’s it! Remember, it is one per family/household so you will receive just the one for your whole family.

When you arrive in Greece, you will enter a queue to something that may resemble a passport windowed entrance area. There, the officials will examine your PLF and covid-19 paperwork.

Bottom Line

Greece first introduced the Passenger Locator Form last year to help identify which passengers presented a higher level of risk. I have entered Greece 4 times since last June and had to use the form each time. Three times, I was pulled aside for another Covid test right then but this most recent time, I was allowed to just pass on as the rate in the US has come down lately.

For any of you who are citizens or residents and you plan on leaving Greece, you also need to fill out the same PLF to depart FROM Greece but tourists are not required to do this, only citizens and residents.

Hey, filling out the Greek Passenger Locator Form is an extra step but it is part of what has allowed Greece to open to Americans and others so not really that big of a deal! Just make sure you do it as you will not be allowed to enter Greece without it.

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  • Hi I’m trying to fill out the form for my family but it will only allow me to list 2 people (my husband and I, not my children). How can I add them to it?

    • It should be offering the option (at the bottom) to add another person. I know because we did our whole family on one. Not sure why it wouldn’t give you the option for an additional after the third. Scroll down more in case it is hidden.

      • Hi Charlie, i have a 1 year old daughter with who i am flying to Greece. Should I fill out the separate form for my daughter and for myself? Or its enough that I will add my daughter as a family member within my passanger locator form?

        • Hi, Dana – Same form for both of you, you will just add her as your family member and that’s it! They don’t want multiple forms for family members arriving on the same flight.

      • Hi Charlie, In my family there are 3 double vaccinated people, 1 person who needs a PCR test and 1 child. When showing what proof of negative Covid status we will show, do I have to select PCR even though it doesn’t apply to everyone?

        • I have the same problem, I am double vaccinated but my partner is not, she has a negative test instead. I have entered vaccinated but of course she is not and will bring her test result. I presume that is OK but worry what will happen when we land in Greece!

          • The form just asks for the name of the fellow traveler(s) – when you arrive, they will look at your vaccination card and her negative test. It will be ok!

        • Hi I’m going to Skiathos with friend from a different address. The form Says I can add on non family non same household companion, is this ok to do so ?

  • How fast did you receive the QR code? I Filled the PLF form 2 days ago, they had sent confirmation.
    Tomorrow is a flight, I still didn’t receive the QR code

    • Only if you are a Greek citizen or resident. If you are a tourist, you don’t need to fill it out to leave Greece.

      • What else do we have to do if we are a tourist and now we are leaving greece, I already filled my PLF to arrive and took a test to arrive, but what do I need to do now that greece requires to leave Greece back to UK, thank you so much you seem very educated about the matter.

        • If I am traveling with someone who is not a family member do I still only fill out one form for the two of us ? (I have added their name to the form)

          • If they are on the same itinerary with you, yes, you can add them to your form. But don’t fill out a separate form for them now that you have them on yours!

      • Hello Sir, I didn’t found the option for LEAVING Greece. (I’m a citizen). Many thanks for your support. You ate doing a great job. Keep going. Best regards

      • Thanks Charlie. Is this confirmed somewhere? An American-passport holding friend left last Friday, June 11 (flying Athens – Bologna) and was asked for a PLF. Thanks, Thomas

        • Strange because it was never required for anyone but Greek citizens and residents of Greece for EXIT. It must have just been a clueless airline rep?
          A reader confirmed with the government that it was no longer required for citizens/residents from May 25 which would jibe with the fact that it is no longer available to even fill out for exit.

          • Yeah: I say it was the uninformed rep. Should be all fine for Thursday’s flight, then. Thank you Charlie!

          • No, but it is NOT written down that you do need it. That has been scrubbed since May 25 and you cannot even fill out the form for departing. But, again, unless you are a Greek citizen or a resident of Greece, you wouldn’t have needed to deal with it on exit from Greece anyway.

  • It says one per household, but there is not a spot for other household members to put their type of vaccine, if different from the person filling out the form. Does that matter? And I too could not find a place to put my child travelling with us, but added her under “non-family” as there was one spot allowed there.

    • So sorry, Carla, just seeing this now. Not sure if you are already done with it or not but the form is only asking for an adult’s main info and everyone else is just added on for name purposes. You will show your vaccination certificates on arrival.

      • Hi there,

        I am wondering, I am traveling with my husband and daughter who live with me, my daughters friend who is 13 and my dad who lives at a different address. Can we all go on the 1 plf form?

          • Thank you so do they need to fill out a form as well as being on mine as this is what I’m being told elsewhere, that if they don’t live at the same address they can be added as non family members but need there own form also?? just want to make sure we don’t mess up our holidays over forms.

          • It should not be an issue but you definitely don’t do two different forms. They can either fill out one for themselves or you add them as a non-family member. If it is different addresses, just have them fill out their own form and that would be the safest way to go.
            But, no one knows if it is different addresses anyway since they are just checking who is coming in and not deep scanning. When you arrive in Greece, they are just scanning the QR code and then directing you whether you need to get a random test or you are free to go.
            The purpose of the PLF is to let the Greek government know who is coming in from where and where they can be contacted while in Greece in case they have a positive test on the random test or someone on their flight ends up testing positive later.

        • Hi Cherelle, If you don’t mind sharing, how did it go having people on the same form who don’t share same household?
          I have made a mistake on the form and added my boyfriend as a non-family (since we are not married yet, but share the same household) and now I’m freaking out if they let him on the flight. thank you!

          • Hi. I am worried too. On 11 June 2021 I completed a PLF for arrival on 18 June 2021. This was one form and one email address for both my wife and I. I had Pfizer but my wife only one AZ. So she had to have PCR test. Unfortunately we had an emergency and could not travel. However on 18 June 2021 just after midnight I got two emails to the same email address with two QR codes for each of us. We obviously did not use.

            Fast forward. We are now travelling on Friday 30 July 2021 ( next week). On 20 July I filled in a new PLF for both of us. (I have 2 Pfizer and my wife 2 AZ). It only had room on form for my vaccination. I submitted and got just one email confirming submission of PLF. BUT then a short while (same day) later I got the email with QR code for travel on 30 July. This was only to me and the digital certificate only has my details on it but my wife is mentioned in family travel companions

            I am worried that I can not submit another form for my wife as you tick you will only submit one form per family. She doesn’t have her own QR code like last time. It’s also strange I got the QR code sane day. Any one have any experience or comments ?

          • I had another reader mention that they received their PLF QR code already for a trip in August so they must be sending them out earlier now!
            But, when I have used the PLF QR, I only have ever received one for the whole family so not sure why you had received two of them in June. You are fine with one PLF QR code for both of you, as long as she is mentioned in the form.

  • I filled out this form for myself and added my husband and 9 year old daughter as family members. It only asked for my vaccine info. Nothing for my husband or my daughter who will be bringing a negative Covid test. I don’t understand why it doesn’t ask for their info. Are you sure they don’t need to fill this out separately? Seems strange that all they wanted was their basic info.

    • I went back and checked my PLF for when my family came with me and it was the same – they just wanted the names. They really are only wanting to know so they who/how many are coming in and then where to find them if there was an issue on the plane or something. You should be just fine. It is just one per family so don’t fill out separate ones.

    • Do I need to complete a plf if I am only connecting in Greece to another country?

  • We are travelling from USA to Athens via direct flight. Then we have a seperate domestic flight via local airline from Athens to santorini three hours after arrival, its not connecting flight.
    Do we need to include the flight number for the domestic flight on PLF form or only USA-Athens flight number?

      • hie charlie, its the same for me but i am staying few days in athens and then travelling to santorini so do i need to fill the form again for the internal flight ?

  • Dear Charlie,
    Your comments are so valuable.
    My flight is on Friday(18th June) morning 7.30AM Middle East time to Mykonos. When should I fill the PLF form to get my QR code on time. Kindly guide me.
    Thanks/Manal K

    • Thanks, Manal! So, you should fill it out sometime Thursday, June 17, before midnight local time in Greece. This shouldn’t be a problem since if you fill it out your Thursday, you would be before Friday Greek time.
      You could do it tomorrow as well, just fill it out and then you will receive the QR code around midnight on Friday morning, Greek time. Should work out just fine! Enjoy your time in Mykonos!

  • Sorry, a little confused,the password needed for plf completion requested purposes is another separate password,NOT the password of my email access,correct?Also a SIM card from Greece will work to receive email at airport of USA?

    • Hi, Debbie – correct, whatever password you want to use for the Greek portal. I would even suggest you do not use the same password as you use for anything else.
      A Greek SIM card in America could work but it will charge quite a bit for a SMS, not sure how much since I don’t know what company you have.
      But it’s ok because you will get an email with the PLF code as well so as long as you use the email, you are all set. Most airports in Europe have free WiFi so if you are transiting one, you can always connect and download the email there.

  • Very much appreciated Sir,for the attention and the detail help for my concern,stay safe and hoping for great service like yours,take care

  • Hello! How soon can we fill this form out? I fly into Greece July 17. Also, I am going to multiple islands in Greece during my two weeks there, will I need to include those flights in this form even though it will be a few days after arrival that I travel to the next island?

    • It needs to be done at least the day before departure. It used to say that it needed to be filled out in the 48 hours prior to that but it does not say that anymore. I think you should be fine filling it out a week before or so. As long as you get an e-mail confirmation, you should be fine.
      You only need to provide at least one address for the first 24 hours. If you are connecting after one day and proceeding on to an island, fill in that address as well but that is all.

  • Is it alright to fill this form 10/11 days in advance of going to Greece?

    • That should be ok. It used to be that it could only be like 48 hours before but it no longer says that. I would do like a week to be safe (as long as you receive an e-mail confirmation, you should be ok).

  • Hello Charlie! If I reside in Czech being russian citizen what should I write in permanent address?

    • Hi! I would put your address in Czech. They are mostly concerned with where you are “permanently residing” than where you are from. Have a great trip and time!

    • They have to at least have the PLF printed out so they will need someone to be able to help them with this. Possibly have a temporary e-mail address (like with gmail) set up and they can connect in their layover airport in Europe to print it out. They may need to find a lounge or see if an airline employee can help with this.
      Otherwise, they can get cheap smartphone (can be had for under $50) and access the temporary e-mail address over WiFi at their connecting airport.

      • Hello Charlie – Great website and information on traveling to Greece. I have a similar/follow up question to Tina’s question above. My grandparents-in-law are traveling to Greece this weekend. Both are above the age of 80 and they do not have a smart phone or tablet. We are going to fill out the PLF form for both of them and print this out so that they can take this with them to the airport. I understand that they will receive a QR code before they arrive via email but they won’t have access to an email. Is there any other way for elderly people that don’t have a smart phone or tablet to get past this step?

        • Thanks, Matt! If you want to e-mail me directly about their itinerary, I may be able to help provide more specificity related to the timetable. But, if you have access to them (or someone with a smart device does) at 5PM Eastern time, 2PM Pacific time the day before they arrive in Greece, you will have the PLF by that time and you can print it out and give it to them. I have not had a flight yet where I did not receive it before boarding in the US (since it is sent at midnight local time in Greece). If you want to shoot me an e-mail, it is

  • Hi – we are taking a cruise round the Greek Islands leaving July 3- what do I put down for the address on the Greek PLF for the first 24 hours (we will be at sea each evening!)

    Can I confirm that it will be ok to fill in the form a week before leaving….. Thank you for your help

    • Hi, Annabel – are you arriving in Greece and going straight on the cruise? If so, put that down. If you have a hotel where you will be when you arrive, use that. It is mostly for the purpose of locating you should a passenger on your arriving flight test positive with the random test. Filling out the form a week before should be just fine, you will get an e-mail confirmation when it is complete.
      Enjoy your time in Greece!

      • Hi Charlie, thank you so much, that’s been incredibly helpful…..yes, we are leaving the airport and going straight to the Docks for the cruise…..
        Very many thanks – A

  • Hi Charlie – first off – EXTREMELY HELPFUL – THANK YOU! My wife and I are are traveling on June 23rd, arriving June 24th from USA. I completed one PLF and included her as a family member. We are going to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and back to Athens to come back to USA – it only allowed me to list my temporary address for Athens and Mykonos. Will i need to complete another PLF when I take my ferry from Mykonos to Santorini, and my flight from Santorini to Athens?

    • Hi, Steven – thanks so much! Glad it is helpful! No, you only need an address for your temporary part for the first 24 hours, a second address is fine as well. But, you don’t need a PLF for any internal travel after your arrival is completed.
      Enjoy your trip!

  • Hi Charlie! We are US Citizens traveling to Greece.

    My husband is departing alone on a direct flight to Athens on July 8 arriving July 9.

    My daughter and I are departing together on a direct flight for Athens on July 9 and arriving July 10 to meet up with my husband.

    Same airline, same arrival time of 10:30, same flight number – just the next day. We will be together for the rest of our trip. We will stay in Athens overnight

    On July 11 all 3 of us are flying to Kefalonia with Aegean airlines at 13:30

    Since my daughter and I are not on the same flight as my husband- should my husband have one PLF and my daughter and I have a separate PLF – even though we’re from the same household?

    Would we list the addresses for where we will stay in Athens and Kefalonia, as well as flights to Athens and Kefalonia, and the ferry from Kefalonia back to the mainland?

    And is the permanent address our address in the USA where we live?

    Thanks in advance, Laurie

    • Hi, Laurie! Yes, you will need separate PLF, one for your husband and then one for your daughter and yourself since you are arriving on separate flights. The PLFs get scanned on the flights to Greece and then arrival so two separate flights means separate PLFs.
      The permanent address would be your US address. Just list your your address for locations for the first 48 hours (they say for at least 24 hours of addresses so even the first night is ok.)
      Enjoy your stay and let me know if you have other questions!

      • Hi Charlie! Thank you so much for your reply. We just did 2 separate PLF and entered the stay in Athens and Kefalonia since there was only 2 areas available. We received confirmation email immediately and a message saying confirmation email is sufficient to board since it’s an overnight flight and may not have QR code prior to boarding. I’m guessing we will need to do another rapid test prior to flight to Kefalonia since we’re staying in Athens overnight and leaving the airport?

  • What if an elderly person doesn’t have a cell phone in order to get the QR code when they arrive?

    • They will need to have some way to receive the PLF before they enter Greece. They don’t need a cell phone but they will need to be able to at least print out their PLF (which they will receive after midnight Greek time the day of arrival) before boarding their final flight to Greece.

  • The confirmation email only shows the main name. It does not show the name of the second person included in the PLF . Is that Ok ?

    • Yep, no problem. It will be the same in the PLF e-mail you receive. Just open attached PDF in the PLF e-mail and you will see the second person on that.

  • Hi
    , my flight is tonight and i mention the flight date and will arrived after midnight…
    i have the PLF QR (with the date of arrived of my flight date), can be problem ??

  • I indicated on the PFF paper the flight date instead of the actual arrival time (landing after midnight) is this a problem? i get the PTF QR but again : with the date of today (and i will arrived after midnight)
    please advise

    • Just do a new PLF with your ARRIVAL date. The form you received now will not work as it needs to be for the date of your arrival. But, you must do it soon! Once it becomes midnight in Greece, you cannot generate a PLF for that day.

      • but need to fill PLF request 24 hours before flight and i will flight 6 hours from now : <

        • It’s ok, go ahead and do a new one (and cancel your current one, if you can – it should be in your account). It is still possible to request a PLF for a flight arriving tomorrow (Friday).

  • ok i found, can i keep the old one just for security side… (better 1 approved we wrong date then request that still not confirm…) ?

  • Hi Charlie,
    I missed the deadline to fill out the PLF and filled out on for the day after I am scheduled to arrive. Will this be an issue and how do I fix this?

    • Hi, Ann – It depends on the airline but more than likely, they will not let you board the plane. If it is Aegean, they could let you board but you could receive a fine when you arrive in Greece. Airlines are not supposed to transport passengers without the PLF so you probably will not be able to board and the airline may move you to the flight the next day. So sorry about that – I am sure this will be a headache.

  • I am traveling to Greece for LAX to Amsterdam and connecting the same day to Greece. I filled out a PLF from Amsterdam to Greece with that flight info. Do I need to include or fill out a separate PLF from LAX to Amsterdam since I will be going to Greece from there or is just listing my Amsterdam to Greece flight okay.

    • Hi, Tina – Just the PLF for your flight into Greece is all you need, unless you have an internal connecting flight after arriving (like from Athens to an island after you land).

  • Charlie,

    Do I need to do a PLF if, after travelling from Chicago to Athens (completed PLF), I then travel from Athens to Santorini? Or does the first PLF, which includes the Santorini address, suffice? Thanks,


    • Hi, Carla, If you are connecting to the flight to Santorini the same day, you can add that as an “internal flight” (I believe that is on page 1) of the form.

  • Hi Charlie, thank you for the insights – your site is super helpful! We’ve got a pretty interesting situation and I’m typing live from JFK in NYC. We’ve had a direct flight to Athens with Delta at 7.30pm ET but alongside 100+ customers we all missed our flights (due to Delta terrible programming today). We managed to rebook to an indirect via Amsterdam leaving NYC at 10pm. Obviously I cannot fill in a new PLF because it’s past midnight in Greece, and I’ll try to use the same one (which as you know lists the earlier direct flight). (1) Do you think Delta will let us board the first flight in NYC? (2) do you know if they’ll check the PLF again in Amsterdam? (3) if we pass 1 and 2 do you know if in Greece they won’t let us in? We are vaccinatted. Thank you in advance!

    • Thanks! I’m sorry for getting to this later but I would imagine you have boarded by now. I honestly cannot say I know what happens in this situation! Obviously, there should be some kind of accommodation that is made for this since it is was beyond your control. Delta would have let you on but I wonder what will happen in AMS? For sure, Transavia will check it again. If they approve it, you should be ok when arriving in Greece. If they say anything, you just explain it. Hopefully it works out! Please let us know!

      • All good! Update from the “field”: delta checked the PLF and let us in at JFK and gave both boarding passes (for the jfk -> ams flight and the ams-> ath flight). No more checks in AMS until we arrived in Greece and they checked the PLf and our vaccination cards. We’re in now! 3hrs of delay overall but oh well

        • Thanks and good to hear! I am surprised they didn’t check in AMS since Europe is where they always wanted to check mine. Glad it provided no problem in Greece. What did they say about the form being wrong? Or didn’t they say?

          • Delta in JFK said it’s ok (but they were the ones that rescheduled in the first place so I guess I didn’t expect them objecting). In AMS nobody checked anything. In Greece they didn’t say anything about the form being for the different flight (I guess they practically check for the date of arrival to match?)

  • Hi,
    if i submit one PLF for my family, adding my children and wife as family members will i get one qr code for the whole family or 4 separate qr codes will be generated?

    • Hi! Just submit the one and add each family member on to it and you will receive one QR code that will have all of your information as well as your family members’ names and ages. When you get the PLF e=mail, it will have a PDF attached so you can see all the information contained in the QR code. Have a good trip!

  • Hi Charlie, you’re a wealth of information and kindness, very useful advice here! I will be travelling to Athens with my sister and 2 young nephews, but I had the same issue of having just one spot for a family member to add, so I added my sister (and not the nephews). I have already received the QR code and have just hours until the flight is due, so I don’t think I can edit the PLF. From your experience, do you think this is going to be an issue? Logically there shouldn’t be a problem since the nephews will of course be staying with us, and all the details of the flights and hotels are there. BTW we’re flying with Aegean.
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Liv – thanks for the kind words. 🙂 Did you try to edit it? I think you may be able to but I am not positive. I know it can be hard to see (not sure why they make it this way) like you have to scroll down further than you think to add even more people. We had done this once and only saw a place to add one and then looked further down to see that you had the option to do more. Definitely try to do it because if you received the QR code, you are too late to be able to do another form. The airline may take issue with it when they check documents but they may also miss it and then you can explain it when you arrive in Athens, if they have an issue. Explain that you looked and couldn’t find any additional spaces for more family members. Hope it all works out well and have a good trip!

  • Hi Charlie,

    We will be traveling from New Jersey to Athens on a Sunday night flight and will not arrive in Athens until the Monday after. Is there anything we should know about filling out the PLF form? I had read some info that said to be careful about when you fill it out for an overnight flight for the QR code. If you can advise how many days before the flight to fill it out, that would be very helpful. Also, anything we should know about when to expect the QR code? Is that shown at the Athens airport upon arrival? Many thanks!

    • Hi, Amy – You can fill it out now. Just make sure you put your arrival date (not your departure one). All flights from the US to Greece are overnight flights so you are ok there. You will receive the QR code at/shortly after 5PM NJ time on Sunday (which is midnight Monday in Greece). Whether you are taking the United flight or Emirates flight, you will get the code before takeoff. If you are taking the United flight, you will just need to show your confirmation e-mail that you filled it out since you won’t have the QR code before you check in at the airport.
      Correct, when you arrive in Athens, you will have an area after disembarking that you will show that QR code as well as your negative test or your vaccine certificate. Just remember that you only do one form per family.

  • Hi,
    The form only allows me to add one family member (I added my husband) but then the only option is to add non-family members. How do I add my kids?
    I’ve submitted the form without adding my kids as the option never came up.
    Has anyone been in the same situation?

  • Hi Charlie,
    do you happen to know what happens in the situation that two different PLFs are created in the same user account? We created one for us (vaccinated) plus one seperate for our child (unvaccinated, with PCR test – there was no option to give this info separately for family members), and we now have both PLFs in the same account, see them both in the dashboard. Is that o.k.? Or does the newer one somehow “kill” the first one? It would be catastrophic if we get the QR code only for the second one.

    • Hi, Thea – they don’t require that information (about the vaccinated/covid test) for additional family members on the form. You are only supposed to have a single form for family arriving on the same flight so add your child to your PLF form and then delete the second one to make sure there is no mistake. I am not sure what happens with two forms but I don’t think one kills off the other.

  • Charlie. We are traveling July 2 to rhodes Greece. We were filling out the plf form for our family but only got through my new wife and I then realized the cutoff had came for submitting it for traveling the next day. Now we can’t update it with our kids/parents to travel on Friday. Please help with any suggestions for what to do. We booked through bravo tours but I’m praying we can still get to Greece for our honeymoon with our family but have no idea what to do.

    • Sorry I am just seeing this now so I imagine it is too late. If you don’t have a PLF QR code for the day of your arrival, you would almost certainly not be allowed to board the plane. I hope that is not the case with you and would love to hear what happened but I would suggest that you see if you can shift your trip the one day since you would not be likely allowed to enter Greece today. So very sorry, especially for your honeymoon. Please let me know what happens and, no matter what, congratulations on your wedding and I hope this quickly part of the memory quickly fades away!

  • Hi, I will fly from Austria with a stopover in Italy and from there I will fly to Greece. Do I have to mention the scale? And if so, where should I write?Thank you!

  • Hello, I am planning on landing in Thessaloniki and going over the border to North Macedonia via a car. So when I fill out the PLF, are you aware of if it will let me pick a location outside of Greece as the one I am staying in for the Temporary Address question portion? I can’t find anything on this anywhere and I can’t get ahold of airlines and the embassy sounded unsure. As a U.S. citizen as well.

    • It should let you do that. If they have an issue on arrival, just tell them you are crossing the border without spending the night in Greece.

  • Hi Charlie. My wife (North Macedonian citizen, fully vaccinated but not 14 days after the last vaccination) as well as my kids, fly from Larnaca to Thessaloniki in a couple of days and while landing there, they will travel by car (a friend of them will come and pick them) to Skopje / North Macedonia, same day. In short, Greece will be used just as a transit country.

    As I haven’t went up to the end of the PLF, should they complete some address in it? In lack of an address in Greek territory? Also please let me know if anything should be noted in this situation

    Thank you

    • Hi, Tony – hope I’m not too late! I think you can just put down the address in Skopje. If they have an issue on landing, you just tell them you are leaving right now and not spending the night. Just a reminder that your wife still will need a negative PCR or antigen test since she is not past the 15 days after the last dose. Hope this helps!

  • Hey Charlie

    We have just got our QR code and as we are not family i have just put my flat mates name who i am going with in the non family/non-same houshold section

    I assume this is okay?


  • Hi! First of all thanks for your article. If I travel with my girlfriend I should mention her as family or non-family member?

  • Hi Charlie – If I am traveling with my adult children (different households) do they need to fill out their own PLF’s?

    • There are places on the PLF for non-family/different households so you can put them on the same PLF. As long as you are on the same flight.

      • Thanks so much Charlie! One more question if you don’t mind. When putting in the arrival flight number, I’m assuming that’s just the last leg of my journey? We are traveling Chicago to Washington DC to Munich to Athens. They only care about the Munich to Athens leg? Or do I put the very first flight that leaves Chicago?

  • Hello, I have a flight from Tel aviv to Amsterdam with a connection flight in greece. I have a one hour stop in Athens airport before the takeoff to Amsterdam. Do I need to fill the PLF?
    Thank you for the support.

  • Do I need a new PLF for each flight. Flying Boston to Lisbon (not leaving airport, layover is 3 hours) then Lisbon to Rome. Do I need a new PLF for the flight to Rome? I will need to go through immigration and passport control in Lisbon. Thanks

  • Any experience with needing to edit the plf form with less than 24 hours left. We put old passport number instead of current number. Have confirmation email but no qr yet.

  • Hello Charlie, thank you VERY much for your really useful website and your dedication, I think you managed to de-stress many travellers!
    I am flying with my boyfriend (who lives with me, same household then) to Athens on Saturday. I could not add him as a family member/same household as everytime I tried to do so the site crashed and I got the message ” Unfortunately, there was an error submitting your form. Please try to fill-out the form again and re-submit.” What worked however was to add him as “non family member / non same household”.
    Well I hope this won’t cause any issue. I am using Chrome. All the best to everyone!

  • Hi, my family is traveling from Greece to Poland next. Is there some sort of a departure form also? that they have to fill out?

    • No departure form needed! Only the forms that your next country requires will be required by the airline in Greece at checkin.

  • Hello Charlie: GREAT website with lots of info!
    I recently filled out the PLF and got confirmation that it was registered but I would not get the code until the date my flight was due. The flight arriving into Athens was changed. I tried going to my account but could not find any link for editing the PLF. Since my trip is not until September, is there some way of just cancelling the present PLF and starting over again much later? Thanks

    • Hmm, I am not sure about the edit because I know it had been there before. Let me look around and let you know. You could always just delete it and do another one closer to departure. There is no real reason to do it this far in advance anyway, especially in cases like this where there are schedule changes. I typically do it about 72-48 hours before just to be sure.

  • Dear Charlie, I feel really messed up about this PLF form. I have filled it in for myself, and for my fiancé, I got the QR code, but I realized too late that maybe this was not correct. We don’t live in the same household, but I regard him as my family, so I automatically put him in as family. What do you think? Can we enter the flight? The departure is around 16.00 (10 July). If we have to by a new ticket which is tomorrow morning (11 July), we won’t be able to apply for a new form “at least 24 hours before travelling” as it is says on the website. Total chaos. I almost feel I don’t even want to go to Greece anymore. What is your advise, what to do? (We fly with Ryanair, I don’t now how do they treat these issues.)
    I hope you can help us. Best regards, Christina

    • Hi, Christina – so sorry that I did not see it until now! I realize I am too late but I would certainly appreciate it if you check back in to let me know how it goes! They do not check family relationships so I do not think you will have had a problem but will be curious to know what happened!

      • Hi Charlie, we could enter Crete, one plf was enough. They have checked my boyfriend’s name, so the second name has to be on the form, but that’s it.
        I hope this info helps to others, I was pretty worried the night before our flight. Kind regards

  • Hi Charlie, the information you provide is great and much appreciated. I am flying to Athens from Amsterdam and landing 1 am on the 13th of July. I submitted the plf firm today the 12th before the 11.59 pm deadline ( but not 24 hours prior departure). Will I be ok? I am hoping so as I am travelling for an urgent family matter. Thank you

    • Hi, Nick, just getting to this now. I imagine you had no difficulty? As long as you received the PLF, you should have been fine. Hope all is well with the family!

  • Hi Charlie,
    I have a flight from Brussels to A theme with a connection stop in Germany . In the old form they ask flight nr and point of departure. I need to mansion flight nr of a rival flight but what departure point do I have to mansion? Brussels or Munich in Germany?
    Thanks so much for helping people.

  • Hello Charlie, thanks for this great info.
    I have a question. If I’m traveling from a Non-EU country to Italy, but i have a transit flight in Greece ( Non-EU to Greece to Italy on Aegean airline) should i fill out the PLF? If so, should i mention my flight from Greece to Italy in the internal connection section?

    • I THINK you would not need to fill it out as a transit passenger BUT the airline may not let you board the flight to Athens since you are required to have a PLF to visit Greece. So, go ahead and fill it out. No big deal if you don’t need it. Just put that you are a transit passenger to Italy (in your destination address).

  • Hi Charlie, do you know what happens if you arrive in Greece and you do not have the QR code? Would they try to give you a new one on the spot at the airport?
    My wife was able to board her plane, but she does not have a PLF QR code.

    • Hi, James – sorry as I know this is after the fact. I honestly don’t know what would happen in this situation since she should not have been allowed to board the flight. I would love it if you can visit back and let us know what happens in case this happens to others!

  • Hi Charlie

    This is a really useful website and thanks for putting it all together. How soon before you travel can you submit your PLF form?, thanks

  • Hi guys I have filled the PLF few weeks ago and i am due to drive to Greece this Friday (from Albania). I seem to have clicked “professional driver” tab as I didn’t pay attention. The system does not allow me to delete current plf and i cannot fill a new one with using the same details (email, and car plate). Any ideas?

    • Hmm, sorry, I don’t know about this one! Maybe at the border they can help you with this as long as you bring any vehicle registration, etc that shows you are a non-commercial driver. Since you aren’t flying, the process of trying to talk to someone at the border should be much easier.

  • Hi, we are flying from Heathrow to Chios via Athens next week but I am not sure if I have put flights the right way round on the PL form. I put the main Aegean flight first, point of entry Athens then the connecting flight second (Olympic Air to Chios ) but is this right?
    Also, do you know if there are different testing requirements for Chios – when tests not needed for Athens?

    • Hi, Chrissie – Yes, your international arriving flight first and then your connecting flight. You do need a PCR or antigen test before arriving in Athens (72 hours before arriving with PCR or 48 hours with antigen) unless you are vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, you won’t need tests to arrive or transfer to Chios.
      Tests for non-vaccinated passengers to islands are required so if you have not been vaccinated and you have a day or two before connecting, you will likely need another test before boarding the flight to Chios due to the expiration of the 48/72 hour timetable.

  • Charlie, we misunderstood the timings and thought the plf deadline was 11.59 UK time, so we ended up completing the form after 10pm UK time (so after midnight Greek time). is there anyway we can rectify this? Who can we contact? Will we be allowed on the flight tmw?

    • Sorry, just getting to this now. I would imagine you were not allowed on the flight since the PLF was not delivered? Would love to hear back and sorry I did not answer sooner.
      Unfortunately, you cannot change it after midnight on the day you were to arrive.

  • Charlie thanks for all the information it will be a great help for are holiday in September. I have one question can you have a Lateral flow test 48 hours before arrival in grease with paper work. Or has it got to be a PCR.

    • Hi, James – according to current rules (I say current because things could change between now and September), antigen tests are accepted as well as PCR so you should be ok. You are right on the timeline as well – the PCR needs to be 72 hours before arrival and the antigen is 48 hours before arrival.

  • Hi,
    Im emailing last minute, hoping you could kindly answer ASAP. You seemed to be very helpful Charlie and id greatly appreciate your help. I have a connecting flight to the UK tomorrow. Larnaca to athens to UK. Even though i will be landing in greece and leaving the same day, am i required to pill out a PLF?

    • Hi, Dija – I THINK you would not need it but I would fill it out regardless. If there is an issue with your connecting flight or something, you would need to “enter” Greece and then you would need it. Also, the agents for the flight in Larnaca may choose to not board you since all passengers heading to Greece need a PLF. Just put that you are transiting where it asks for an address. Do it soon!

  • Hi Charlie. I need your help. We are traveling to Greece from Sweden. But I have a transit country London. On 19 July we fly to London in the morning and only 20 July in the morning we fly from London to Greece. I dont know which flight details should I write on PLF document. If I need to write the flight details which is flying from London- so what should I show in Sweden airport?
    If the flight details which is flying from from Sweden -to London – so I arrive next day/ after more 24 hours to Greece? Could you help me please. thank you in advance

    • Hi, Leyla – So, you need to only put your flight from London to Greece. The date you put is the day you are arriving in Greece. So you will receive the PLF QR code at midnight Greek time on the day of your arrival which means you will have it before taking off.
      This means put your London-Greece flight and put July 20 as your arrival date. Make sure you fill this out today or tomorrow to make sure you get it done in time!

      • Thank you very much. i really appreciate your prompt reply. have a nice day and summer holiday.

  • I have entered all my family on one form but have realised I have put my son in the non family member section, will this be a problem?

  • Hello Charlie, thank you for all the information you have provided so far. I am travelling on 21/07 (6:35pm Eastern time) from Toronto to Vienna(transit for 3 hours), and then from Vienna to Athens(final destination). I am very confused about when should I complete my PLF. Can I complete it today(3 days before my flight from Toronto), Also note, I am Greek citizen but I am currently studying in Canada. Could you help me please?
    Thank you.

    • Hi and thanks! You can definitely fill it out now! Make sure you pay attention to the date of your arrival (not your departure) and use that date for the form and your arrival flight INTO Greece, not the original one. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Charlie,

    I am set to fly to Santorini today and then plan to book a plane ticket to Athens after this. I missed the deadline for submitting the PFL.

    Do I need one for entering Santorini or can I use the one for entering Athens instead? Eventhough I will receive it a day after I arrive in Greece.

  • Hi,

    I am planning on flying into Santorini today and then booking another flight for Tommorow to Athens.

    Do I need the PFL for my I coming flight to Santorini or could I use the one for Athens?

    I have missed last night’s deadline. Is there anyone I could contact to get a QR code for today’s flight?

    • Hello! Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a QR code day of. Sorry I had not seen this yesterday but would certainly love to hear if the airline allowed you to travel!
      For future reference, you would fill out the PLF with your flight arriving in Greece and then put your internal flight (if connecting) on it as well. But, with an overnight in between flights, you wouldn’t need a PLF for Santorini to Athens.

  • Does anyone know if you need to fill in the passenger locator form if you are travelling to another country through Greece, but you have to leave the airport and re-enter because of flying with different airlines?

    If anyone can help that would be great.

    Thank you

    • Yes, you need to fill it out and just put that you are transiting for an address. This is especially true if you are flying on separate reservations. Even though, technically, transit passengers are not really entering Greece, the airlines flying passengers to Greece have to confirm that each passenger has a PLF code before transporting them.

  • Hi Charlie,

    I am having some difficulties filling in the PLF – my point of entry (Volos via a flight from Munich) is not an option so I can’t get any further in the form. What do you suggest I do?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, Mali! Hmm, I am not sure about that! Volos is not an option? If you have time, I would ask the airline or even at the airport in Munich if they know since they have to deal with this often since that is their flight. I’m sorry I cannot provide anything else on that!

  • Hello!
    I’m confused with the Temporary address section. I entered Greece, stayed there for a week and went to Albania by ferry. Now I’m entering Greece from Albania in order to go to the airport and travel back home. Of course I didn’t book any accomodation for several hours I will spend in Greece. So in the next 14 days I will be staying at my permanent address, which should be excluded as stated in the PLF form. What should I fill in? The address I stayed at before the departure to Albania?

    • You could do that and put a note that you are transiting. Or, when you enter Greece, explain that if they have any questions. It is easier transiting over a land border than at an airport since you are dealing with the airline officials trying to make sure that everything is exact. So, I would say, put the address you had before departing for Albania. Again, this is just about tracking you if there is an instance of someone testing positive around you but they will contact you by phone anyways.

  • Hi Charlie,

    Thank you for your wealth of knowledge, it’s easing the stress of traveling overseas during these times. I hate to bother you but I do have one question that I didn’t find answered and it’s not super clear on the form. Do family members count as household members as well? Technically speaking, I am getting married on July 23, and we depart to Athens for our honeymoon on July 25 -> arrival on July 26. Because we won’t have the same last name or our marriage certificate yet, I am just curious if I include her as a family member or non-family member, or if she needs to fill out her own form. We have been living together for a year or so now, so I am assuming she would be a family member, but looking to see if you have any insight. I would hate for us not to be allowed entry on some technicality.

    Thanks again so much! Really appreciate all the information on this page.

    • Thank you, Scott, and congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon! I honestly do not believe they get that technical about it. It is common in Greece for family members in the same household to not have the same last name so I don’t think it is an issue. One thing I would say is that if you can carry a copy of your marriage license with you, that should help you be even more at rest about the process.
      Hope that helps!

  • Hi, i have spelt my first name wrong on my form, am i able to change/edit, i tried to do a new form but it wont let me, ive put U instead of I, thanks

  • Hi Charlie, I have been reading the questions that people have been writing to you and all your answers that have been SO HELPFUL….Just wanted to show our appreciation and say THANK YOU for the great work you are doing!! Makes the travelling a little less worrying with all that is going on now with the Covid-19 and Delta situation…
    Just wanted to clarify a couple of points. If my husband and I are travelling with our daughter and husband (who obviously have a different family name) I just need to fill out ONE FORM?
    We also need to fill out another PLF leaving Greece? If we do not have access to a computer to fill it out, this can be done on our phones? But we will not be able to print out the form.
    Sorry just a bit panicky before we fly with all the rules and procedures now at the airports…
    All the best

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      So, you can put everyone on one form or you can just put you and your husband on one and your daughter and her husband can use one also. That may make things a bit simpler but if you are all traveling together, one form could be used also. If all the information is the same for all of you (where you will be staying, contact, etc), that should be ok.
      You do NOT need a PLF to leave so you are all set there! Enjoy your trip!

  • Hi Charlie,
    Can you clarify for me the following, I arrive Athens 4th aug from Uk stay two nights in hotel meet up with my Family from Cyprus.
    we then have a Yacht on the 7th and are sailing for the week.
    do i just put the hotel address on my PLF
    I do not know where we will be sailing until we meet with others on the 7th
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, Ged – yes, that is correct. Just put down the address of the hotel. If they have any questions when you arrive (which I have never had happen), you can always explain that you are taking a private yacht. Enjoy your trip!

  • Hi

    Just a quick questions I have arrived from Qatar to Athens and filled out the plf. I would want to fly out from Athens to Santorini will I require a pfl for domestic flights too

  • Hi Charlie!
    I am travelling with my boyfriend who lives at a separate address, will we need to fill in two separate forms to enter Greece or can I just add him as a non-family member on my own form?

    • Given that it is a separate address, you could do separate forms. But, Greece also does not know that so it could be done on one as well (not being sneaky, just making it clear that they cannot match it).

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with filling the passenger locator form. For flight number the form requires 2 letters and 4 numbers, but our flight has only 1 letter in the beginning and the form does not accept that. What should we do?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, Sasa – Combine the letter and number of the flight and see if that works. Aegean’s IATA code is A3 and then the 3 digit flight number so it definitely works with IATA codes that have a single letter.

      • Hi, Charlie,
        I have the same problem I have a flight A3883 by Aegean. And PLF doesn’t accept this flight number. It needed to be with two leading letters, but A3 is official IATA code for Aegean airlines.
        Do you know what is the way to resolve the issue?

        • I just checked that on a form I am filling out for an upcoming trip and A3883 worked just fine. Maybe try it again, no spaces?

  • I think you are doing a great job explaining and answering all the various questions, so thank you very much for all you are doing helping us wading through treacle!!! I have read that I should put a reference number of my returning to U. K. (pre. booked day 2) P C R test on the P L F but cannot see where to put it. Presumably I will need a departing from Greece P C R test as well.

    • Thanks, Malcolm! Hmm, I don’t remember having anything like that last time I filled it out. I didn’t put any test reference number on it. For departing Greece, you would only need a PCR test if your destination country requires one. Greece does not require a test for departing Greece.

  • What if staying at more than 2 places while there? Its only letting me put 2 temp addresses but ill be staying at 5 different locations during my stay.

    • The first two are fine. It is not something they are going to scrutinize. It is more about being able to access you if there is a positive test from the flight you are on so the first two locations are the only ones that would matter.

  • Hi Charlie,

    We are travelling from UK to Santorini and the on to Athens and finally Cyprus.

    Will we need to fill in an internal PLF from Santorini to Athens please?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi, Dawn – If you are connecting to it within 24 hours, yes. But, if you are staying in Santorini for a bit, just that flight and then your addresses in Greece.

  • You keep referring to the QR code as the PLF. Is it the same thing? Do we need to print out/show a QR code IN ADDITION to printing out a copy of the passenger location form that we fill out online?

    Relatedly, should we bring our official vaccine cards with us or is a copy enough?

    Thank you so much for your post and all of your helpful responses.

    • Hi, Maria – You fill out the PLF and you will receive the QR code which is required for both your actual flight into Greece and entering Greece at the border on arrival. It is good to have the PLF with you because you may not receive the QR code until midnight local time Greece on the day of your arrival. If you are flying from the US, for example, you may not have the QR code before departure so having the PLF to show you filled it out will be enough for the airline to let you start your travel.
      I would think that a copy could be good enough but I think the official one is best. Not sure so that’s why I say official.

  • Why is a rapid antigen test not acceptable? I filled out the PLF forum and it said that it is acceptable for 48 hours before arrival.

  • Hi Charlie, I have completed the PLF however I was confused about the vaccine/test status and went with the majority of our family how we I now realise it refers to me and I am double vaccinated but I put rapid test for myself. The certificate shows my vaccine status at the bottom but I’m worried they will want a negative test certificate as well as that is what I entered on the beginning of the form. What shall I do? Many thanks Alex

  • Hi Charlie,

    Flying to Greece from Detroit via Frankfurt to Athens. Have confirmed from reading the prior comments and responses that the flight info I put on the PLF form is the info for the Frankfurt to Athens leg since only one flight can be listed. What should I list as the Country of Departure? Germany or USA? I would assume Germany since that is where the flight leg listed on the PLF form is departing from even though I actually started the trip in the USA. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance for your help and insight.

    • Hi, Kim – I believe it would be Germany but I have used US as well since I had originally thought they wanted to know where I was actually departing from. But, it is under the flight information so Germany would work.

      • Thanks so much for the timely response. Your logic was why I eventually went with Germany as the question was with the flight info. If I would put USA as the departure country then that would not match with my flight info. Once I submitted the form and got to the .PDF of the PLF the departure country is not even shown on the document.

        It is utterly baffling to me that they do not have a FAQ document on the site used to complete the PLF or instruction comments for each field or at least the ones that are confusing. Based on reading your comment section completing the PLF document is causing a good deal of unnecessary anxiety for lots of people, myself included.

        Take care and happy traveling to everyone.

  • Hi Charlie, thanks for a clear and reassuring comments section.

    I’m another person who was unsettled by not having to enter my wife’s vaccine details but it sounds like that’s ok if the PLF is purely for tracing purposes. I suppose, then, the real question is not why do they not ask for my wife’s vaccination details, but why DO they ask for mine..?

    I did see one comment elsewhere that suggested that if one’s spouse has a different surname they’d have to fill in their own PLF but I assume from all the above that’s not right..? Thanks.

  • Hi Charlie,

    I’m fill PLF for myself and my family (Family members: wife and 4 children). In email and on the QR code link everything is OK, but in PDF the last child is missing. What should I do?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Very helpful information. Does the form ask about recent travel? I may have to go to Mexico for work before my trip in September and am worried it would be an issue.

  • I am traveling to Greece at the end of the month and have completed and received my PLF. However, my travel companion is having difficulty completing the form on her old iPad. There is a place on the form for Non-Family/Non-Same Household travel companions. I entered her name, but no additional information is being required for her. Will she still need her own PLF or can she enter Greece with my PLF?

    • Hello! That’s right – just her name on your form and she is good. She will still need to show her negative test/vaccination certificate but the form only asks for her name (and age, I believe).

  • Hi Charlie and thanks for all the advice here.

    I have 2 questions – I’m travelling with my wife, my adult son and his girlfriend. Do my son and his girlfriend need to do their own form or can they all go on mine? We’re all travelling together.

    I’m having trouble with the temporary address section. We arrive at Athens airport then go straight to Piraeus port to join a cruise. The form says: ‘Please list all the places you will be staying at during the 14 days following your arrival / departure (Permanent Address listed before is excluded)’. I’m not staying anywhere before the cruise. There is a section that asks for the name of the ship but it won’t let me proceed without filling in the ‘City’ field.

    Thanks again Charlie.

    • Hi, Derek – You should be fine since it allows for non-family travelers on the form as well. For the address, put Athens in and the name of the ship. That should work. Once you get the QR code, you are good. They may have a question when you arrive in Greece but if they issue the QR code, you are good.

  • Thanks Charlie, that’s very reassuring. I have the QR code now. We’ll be armed with our proof of vaccination and negative tests so hopefully we’ll be OK.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello Charlie, thank tou for this information its realy helpful! I have tried completing the PLF several times now and each time at the end it just says that its sorry they cannot process it at this time and to re-complete it. I wondered if you had heard of anyone having the same problem and how we could get around it?

    • Thanks! I have not heard of that! Have you tried different web browsers? Maybe set up a new account (if you are traveling with someone else, use their e-mail or a different one of yours)? I’m sorry I can’t be a help but I have not seen this happen!

  • Hi Charlie. I did my PLF form wrong initially (well I thought I did). I now have 3 QR codes. One for me and my partner who are in the same household and one for mother in law who lives at a different address. I now know that I could have put us three on one form but don’t want to to keep amending. Will the 3 separate ones be ok? Many thanks for your help.

    • They say to do it all on one but since you already did it that way, it should be ok. Just make sure you don’t have any of the others on your form or vice versa. You will all need to go up separately when entering Greece since you have different forms.

  • Hello Charlie,
    So I’m travelling to Sweden and I’ll be in Athens International airport for transit, I’ve residence permit in Sweden and Sweden doesn’t require anything from residents, so I tried to fill out the PLF but I got this question in the form where I have to select one “Which of the following credentials are you bringing to enter the country?”
    – Complete vaccination
    – Negative PCR or antigen
    – Recovery from covid in the past 30-180 days

    So those three options aren’t any of my case, and I really don’t want to do either the PCR nor the antigen, here also , there is this part
    “International to international transfer passengers will not go through a COVID-19 test, nor do they need to complete the PLF and will proceed directly to Security Control and on to their departing gate. ”
    so should I rely on this exemption from PLF for transit passengers

    • If you aren’t planning on the test than I would say yes, just rely on that exemption. The airline may question you about that before letting you board the flight to Athens but if your complete trip is with the same airline, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Hi Charlie,
    Is the permanent address the one where l live and the temporary one the place l stay in Greece?
    Thank you.

      • hi Charlie
        We are traveling to Greece Aug 31st landing Sep 1st, but we are only on transit going to Turkey same day with different airline, do we need to fill the PLF form. We are coming back to Greece on Set 19 from Dubai to stay for 10 days . Do we filled the PLF twice or what do you recommend. thanks

        • Good morning, Rita! Hmm, technically, as a transit passenger, you do not need to fill out the PLF (because you are not entering Greece) but if the flights are different airlines – and especially different reservations – the airline taking you to Greece may want to see a PLF so they do not get in trouble. I would fill out the PLF and put “Transit” or something on the destination address information line. Then, after you are in Turkey or Dubai, fill out another PLF for your return to Greece. That one will be easier since you have addresses and such.

  • Hi Charlie,

    Please help? I am due to travel to Greece tomorrow with my husband and 13 year old son. My husband and I are both double vaccinated, so we both have a COVID-19 passport and my son has had a negative rapid antigen test today.

    At the start of the form it gives you a choice of 3 answers (but will only let you select one), asking if you are bringing proof of being double vaccinated, proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours or proof of a negative rapid antigen within 48 hours, so I ticked double vaccinated with COVID-19 jab.

    Will this cause me a problem when I get to the airport? Because as a family we have 2 x COVID-19 passports and one negative rapid antigen test.

    Please help! I have submitted my PLF form, but have no idea if it is correct.

    • Hi, Penny, hope you get this in time!
      No problems! It only asks that for the primary traveler, they will check your forms of vaccination or testing at the airport when you arrive! Enjoy your time in Greece1

  • Hi Charlie, we are a couple from Ireland travelling to Greece next week. It says there should just be one PLF per household – we are the same household but we have different surnames as we are not married. Is it better to just do a separate PLF form? My other half has already added me to his one. Let me know what we should do and thanks so much!