Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

Black Friday Electronics Shopping? Check This Website First For Better Deals!

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Written by Charlie

If you shop using Greentoe, you may be able to get even better Black Friday deals on electronics than the regular retailer outlets! You will still be buying from regular retailers, just with a name-your-own-price model that could beat sale prices!

There is no question that some of the most sought after items on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are things in the electronics categories. I had spent enough hours outside of Best Buy locations in times past to know how passionate some people were about saving some money on that new TV, game console, computer, camera, etc.!

Before you grab what you are looking for or, maybe if you already did, you should check out this website first. I have written about them before and am a very satisfied customer myself so wanted to make sure to remind you about them.

Greentoe – Better Than Black Friday for Electronics Deals?

Link: Greentoe (I may receive a small commission if you purchase something)

What Is Greentoe and How Do They Work?

How Greentoe works

The company is called Greentoe and they are absolutely legit. What they do is act as a middleman to retailers. Think of them as the Priceline or Hotwire of electronics – a system where you submit your price and they try to get legitimate retailers to accept it.

The great thing is that every retailer they are working with are ones that are authorized dealers so you are getting the same manufacturer warranty you would if you bought from Amazon or Best Buy. Also, the price you submit (or accept on a counteroffer) that is accepted is the all-in price – that means no extra in taxes, shipping, etc. That’s it!

I have used them for several camera items over the last year or so and been very pleased with the interaction and deals I have received. One of the rules of being a customer with them is that you are not allowed to share the price you paid for an item or the retailer that sold it to you (since they don’t want to be cut out and they don’t want other customers of that retailer to be upset that you got a special price).

Once an offer is accepted, Greentoe charges your card or sends you an invoice (if you select to pay with PayPal credit) and they process the transaction. At that point, they also tell you which retailer sold you the item and that retailer ships it directly to you with a full receipt and everything.

What Does Greentoe Offer Through Their Site?

This means that you buy drones, cameras, TVs, appliances, binoculars, fitness gear, music gear, and more through them! They have an app that, frankly, works a little nicer than the website in how you choose your price. Your goal is to make your price more “green” in the meter. That gives it a better chance of being accepted.

I do know that things like cameras and TVs seem to have a very nice window for flexible prices. I have saved a lot of money over regular sale prices in the camera category so I know that this works! In fact, I bought something from them last year that I used for a while and then sold to upgrade. I actually got a little more when I sold it than I had paid for it! 🙂

Anyway, before you battle crowds today, check their site to see if you can save over regular Black Friday pricing.

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