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Greece is Dropping Covid-19 Restrictions for the Summer

Written by Charlie

Good news! Here is the timetable for when Greece is dropping Covid-19 restrictions, making it easier to visit Greece this summer than the last two years!

Greece has been one of the few European countries that held tight to their Covid-19 restrictions. Certainly, things are less restricted than a year ago at this time when there was a total lockdown but restrictions have still been ongoing for a while now in a variety of ways. However, that will soon change and here is what those changes are.

Greece is Dropping Covid-19 Restrictions for the Summer

As of right now, people cannot enter entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes and other venues without having either a valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 that has been issued in the past 6 months. For eating in outdoor spaces or going into stores, customers need either those certificates or a negative Covid-19 test taken within the previous 24 hours.

For all indoor spaces, mask use is required (though as of a couple of months ago, they are no longer required outdoors) and there are capacity limits for all venues.

But, this will all start changing on the magic date of May 1. This is the week following the Orthodox Easter and is the day before kids go back to school after the Easter break so it is significant in that regard. It is also the time when tourists will be coming in even greater amounts, especially as the non-stop flights from the US start picking up.

What Covid-19 Restrictions Will Be Dropped in Greece?

Here is what will change on May 1. From May 1 – August 31, no more certificates required for entry to any venues, including cars and restaurants. All venues will be able to operate at 100% capacity as well.

Furthermore, from June 1, masks will no longer be required as well though there will be some exceptions that the Health Ministry will shortly announce. One thing that is not known at this point is about entering the country. I am hearing that as of June 1, travelers from the US and other countries will no longer have to have either a vaccination certificate, negative test, or a recovery certificate to enter Greece. At present, one of those is required to travel to Greece. This will be detailed in the coming days.

Also, as of last month, the Greece PLF is no longer required as well.

Greece is really hoping for a strong tourist season, especially since 25% of their tourist market, tourists from Russia, will not likely be coming this summer. While Greece says the data shows that these restrictions can be suspended for the summer, it also seems like Greece wants the entry and duration of travel for tourists to be as easy as possible.

This will be the first summer since 2019 that Greece will be this open as far as health protocols so this will certainly be welcome news to many that have missed traveling to this wonderful destination.

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    • There is no vax requirement to enter Greece and there never has been one. You have three options (as of now, but it will change soon) – vaccination certificate, negative test, or a certificate of recovery.
      Once you are in Greece, there is no requirement anywhere for vaccination status after May 1.
      So, not sure how that is misleading?

    • I agree with James. All travel restrictions should now be dropped. Also, what’s going to happen come Sept?! I’m tentatively scheduled to visit then, but if there isn’t clarity soon I’ll change plans and go to more open countries like Iceland.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think the way they have handled it has been wrong and definitely not scientific in many ways – like dropping all of this stuff just as tourists come. I’m here so, believe me, I know!
        I was just pointing out that having the vaccine was never required to come here.
        My thought is they are hoping to keep people in check with being cautious about the new “freedoms” by warning it could all snap back in September when school starts up and most tourists are gone.

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