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Greece Changes Covid Rules for Tourists – But Not for Residents

Written by Charlie

Greece has updated the Covid rules and protocols – but they did not do the same for residents. See what these new protocols are.

Greece is one of the countries that desperately needed tourist traffic this summer and also one of the European countries that held on to Covid restrictions longer than most. Those restrictions have been lifted – at least for the tourist season – and the government has updated the Covid protocols that will be in place for tourists but not for residents.

Greece Changes Covid Rules for Tourists – But Not for Residents

Until at least September 15, Covid restrictions in Greece are pretty much gone. There is talk on mandatory use for masks indoors again but I doubt that will actually happen unless the burden in hospitals caring for Covid patients see a spike.

Last week, the government issued new health protocols for tourists. As of last week, tourists in Greece who test positive for Covid will not be required to quarantine. In fact, there are no more quarantine rooms at hotels. This is likely one of the reasons for this updated health protocol as hotels are seeing sky-high bookings as tourists make a huge comeback in Greece.

So, if a tourist tests positive, they can choose to self-isolate in their hotel room but only for the length of their booked reservation. The hotel does not need to extend your reservation if you desire to self-isolate the full 5 days. In addition, tourists that test positive are free to travel via all forms of public transportation – including airplanes – as long as they wear a mask.

But, for residents, they are still supposed to self-isolate for 5 days.

It certainly would seem that this updated protocol was made for the sake of hotels, especially in light of the drop of Covid-seriousness. Since residents would be able to stay in their own homes, of course the government didn’t see any reason to make this new rule apply for them as well. Not only that, but the government is fine with tourists taking to public transport while infected, as long as a mask is being worn. Since masks are still required onboard public, local buses anyway, that will mostly be for those flying.

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