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Great Deal: 50 AA Miles Per Dollar Buying/Giving Magazines

Here is a great deal that will let you essentially buy AA miles for only 2 cents per mile – while also getting magazines! is back with another really nice portal payout – today only, it is at 50 AA miles per dollar!

Great Deal: 50 AA Miles Per Dollar on Magazines

AAdvantage Portal for

50 AA miles

Magazines are a funny thing. For most magazines, no one should pay cover price since they are easy to find at good discounts, sometimes great discounts. Buying from is not always the cheapest way to do it but if you want to collect some AA miles, this is a nice way to do that.

Give or Donate

You can buy magazines as gifts or even to donate to your library/hospital/school. They would likely be happy to receive them and you will get 50 AA miles per dollar for your kindness!

If you would like an example, check out this page for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. It tells you what kind of magazines they would appreciate the most so it could be a good way to get some for something good without waiting to hear back from the organization as to what would be best.

Running the Numbers

When we look at the numbers, you are essentially paying 2 cents per AA mile. Considering that AA is having a sale right now that would let you buy miles at 1.89 cents each, I think this is a pretty good deal here. Also, remember that you would need to buy 150,000 miles and pay over $3,200 to get that price! If you were to buy any less than 150,000 miles, the cheapest they get is 2 cents per mile – so this way you get magazines also!

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