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How a Google Pixel Smartwatch Could Be the Best Smartwatch Ever – But Not Yet

Written by Charlie

Even in the whole mix of smartwatches already on the market, a Google Pixel smartwatch could be the smartest watch ever! Thanks to what Google has to offer, there are a lot of ways this watch could be perfectly adapted to you for you. But, this watch is not something we are likely to see for a while yet.

Today is the big reveal by Google of their new Pixel smartphones as well as some other items that will likely include their new Chromecast, a new set of Pixel Buds, and some laptop/tablet hardware. Unfortunately for Google, there is not a lot to “reveal” on things like the phones since they have had a ton of leaks over the last couple of months so we know what is coming.

How a Google Pixel Smartwatch Could Be the Best Smartwatch Ever

One thing that is not coming is a Google Pixel smartwatch. There was a lot of speculation that they would be releasing such a smartwatch this year but they actually came right out and said they are not going to do that now. That is a bit of a shame because I think it had the potential to be the best smartwatch of the year. Here are some reasons that I think a Google Pixel smartwatch, when it is released, could be the best smartwatch ever.

Google Assistant Is Really Smart and Getting Smarter
Google Pixel smartwatch

Google Assistant on smartwatches can give you the best digital assistant right on your wrist

When it comes to digital assistants, Google Assistant is definitely quite a bit ahead of Apple’s Siri. Google Assistant can do a lot of things and Google is making it even smarter as time goes on. While not completely rolled out yet, Google is releasing things like Google Duplex that will help to manage some calls that may otherwise take a long time.

The new Wear OS from Google that they began to roll out last month already incorporates some pretty smart features. Using the advances of Google Assistant could bring their OS even further and by the time the Google Pixel Watch comes out, it could be the smartest watch around.

Google Fit / Google Coach

Google Fit has been made smarter to more accurately track your fitness efforts to let you know that you are a on a healthy lifestyle track. However, there are rumors that Google Coach is coming soon and this could be an incredible advance for everyone that wants to not just train more but train better.

Google Coach will be able to use the things that it learns from your lifestyle, diet, and even your surroundings to help encourage you in various workouts and to help you if you miss certain workouts.

Google Pixel smartwatch

Google Fit can help you to lead a healthier life but Google Coach could be even better!

When you combine the power of Google’s AI technology with a coaching module that lives on your wrist, we could have a virtual coach that adapts your training based on a variety of variables – things like weather, location, food, sleep cycle, heart rate (which can also indicate if something is wrong with your body), workout goals, etc – to give you the best workout each and every day to accomplish your long term goal.

Great Potential

Imagine having your watch tell you what time your workout should be and signaling you ahead of time with the type of food you should eat and when to prep for it. Then, it could tell you the best route, for example, to run to accomplish a workout. For example, if you have a tempo workout, Google Coach could select a running area to give you a route that is not too elevated or full of traffic so you can have a smooth run without stopping. Or, if you need hills, it could recommend the closest, runnable area of hill repeats.

This could work with other fitness disciplines as well. Just plugin your favorite kind of workout and think of the variables that could give you a productive workout plan.

Google Project Fi
Google Pixel smartwatch

If a Google Pixel Smartwatch has a Google Project Fi eSIM, it could make it the best smartwatch around for connectivity!

Like the Apple Watch models that utilize the eSIM to connect to your phone plan, Google Pixel 2 (and 3) phones use eSIMs to work with Google Project Fi (read a complete FAQ guide on Google Project Fi here).

This means it would be very simple for a Google Pixel Watch to utilize eSIM technology for users that want to use it with their Google Project Fi account. This would be a huge benefit to those of us that like to use Google Project Fi for international travel. The Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 do not work on cellular when outside the home network so this would be a good way for Google to get ahead of Apple in that area.

Plus, imagine how great it would be to have a high-end, first party smartwatch that can stay connected anywhere in the world without using a cellphone. This would be one more way to make Google Assistant a great asset no matter where you are.

…But Not Yet

Google did something they rarely do – they came out and shot down the rumors about a Google Pixel smartwatch. It appears that a Google Pixel smartwatch is not something we will be seeing soon. But, I am actually okay with that. I think that when Google does release their first smartwatch, it will be a fantastic piece of gear.

Or, maybe Google will surprise all of us in just a couple of hours and release the Google Pixel smartwatch! 🙂 I sure hope so!

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