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Google Fi Just Launched a New Unlimited Plan + 50% Off Pixel 3 Phones

Written by Charlie

The very popular Google Fi has just launched a Google Fi Unlimited plan that delivers unlimited data and texting around the world as well as unlimited phone calls from the US to 50 countries. Plus, get 50% off Pixel 3 phones!

Google Fi is my single favorite communications plan around for one huge reason – cheap international data that covers me in just about any country I go to. So, it is very attractive for travelers since you get high speed data in so many countries for just $10 per 1GB. But, they also have unlimited calling and texting in the US so it works well as a primary domestic plan as well!

Google Fi Unlimited

Link: Google Fi Unlimited

What Google has done now is to launch Google Fi Unlimited. This will now give unlimited data and text messaging anywhere in the world as well as continuing to offer unlimited calling in the US.

However, it is really of the most benefit to people with multiple members on an account. That is because it drops to just $45 per line when you add 4 lines or more. If you just get it for one person, that is at $70 per month which may not be the best deal for most as I will talk about.

The current, flexible Google Fi plan is this and it is simple:

  • $20 per month for unlimited talk and texting (the texting is unlimited worldwide while calling is limited to those made from the US)
  • $10 per 1GB with a cap of $60 for data charges (if you use 15GB of data, it will then be throttled to a lower speed but you do not pay for data from 6GB to 15GB for that high speed)
  • If you want to add a family member, it is $15 for the talk and text and the same cost for data

Google Fi Unlimited Plan Details:

  • Unlimited data
    High-speed data up to 22 GB/person & slower after. Video may stream at DVD-quality (480p).
  • Free data & texts while traveling
    International data & texts included
  • Free calls to 50+ countries & territories
    Calls to all other destinations start at 1¢/min
  • Google One membership
    More space for everything with 100 GB of cloud storage for each member—and more
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Low rates for calls while traveling internationally
  • Mobile hotspot tethering
  • No contracts, cancel anytime

One of the big differences between the new Google Fi unlimited plan and the old one is that you now get free calls to 50+ countries and territories!

One of the things I love is that there is no contract so you can just cancel/suspend when not using it!

The new plan will include unlimited data for everyone on the plan. So, if you find you are maxing out your $80 of data and basic plan every month, it may be time to switch to the unlimited plan. But, otherwise, stay on the flexible plan as you only pay what you use with data.

One other good thing about the new plan is that it does not throttle until after 22GB of data per person instead of per account~

If you are a family/friends, the new Unlimited plan could be attractive so check it out!

Google Pixel 3 for 50% Off

Before I say anything about this, remember that the new Google Pixel 4 smartphones will be out next month! By the rumors, it appears that there will be some significant upgrades, particularly with the cameras. So, if that is a part of the Pixel experience that you enjoy, wait. Otherwise, getting the current Google Pixel 3 for as little as $399 is a pretty great deal!

Link: Google Pixel 3 for 50% Off

This sale runs through September 18 or while supplies last.

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