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Good Deal on Apple Watch Series 6 – $50 Off Many Models

Written by Charlie

Check out the deals on the Apple Watch Series 6! With a $50 discount on many models, this could be a great chance to pick up what you want!

If you are thinking about an Apple Watch, this latest sale on the Apple Watch Series 6 makes a compelling case for getting one now. The Apple Watch Series 6 has offered some upgrades that make it a nice option for those wanting the latest and greatest – now with $50 off.

Sale on the Apple Watch Series 6

Link: Apple Watch Series 6 – Select Your Preferred Model from Here (this is an affiliate link that helps to support the site – thanks!)

For a good roundup of 11 things about the latest version of the Apple Watch, check out this link. But, here are some of the highlights of what the Apple Watch Series 6 brings to the table.

First off, you get Pulse Ox sensor to measure your blood oxygen levels. This is something that people have gotten more interested in this past year, due to Covid-19. While it is a bit more gimmicky than a huge useful feature for constant use, it can still be helpful to those that want to keep an eye on it.

The Series 6 also doubled the brightness of the always on display feature. Nice but remember that this will make the battery take enough of a hit that you won’t get any increase over the Series 5 and maybe even a slight decrease.

On sensors and readings, it also has an always on altimeter which will be helpful for more accurate data for some readings and has a better algorithm for VO2max, the measurement of the maximum oxygen your body can use for workouts, etc.

So, if you want the Apple Watch Series 6, check the link above and then select the size and color you want. Many models are on sale with a $50 discount right now!

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