Good Deal: GoPro HERO4 Session – $249

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If you want a great, small camera at a great price that you can use anywhere – this deal on the GoPro HERO4 Session may just be for you!

One of the latest GoPro cameras, and certainly the greatest design departure from the others, is the GoPro HERO4 Session. Not only is it smaller and cube shaped, but it is also waterproof by itself – no extra case to put it in to. While it does lack some of the higher frame rates and extra pixels, it does do a good job of being simple and accessible. Reviewers have said that it takes a little getting used to as any changes in menus have to be done via the smartphone app, not on the device as with other GoPros. The nice part is that the app is pretty easy to use.

GoPro HERO4 Session – $249


Get a great deal on the mini GoPro HERO4 Session!

eBay Link brand new

This camera debuted at $399, the same price as the GoPro HERO4 Silver – the first of the cameras to include a live display on the back. With the better resolution and frame rate options, not to mention the screen, it was pretty hard for some people to make the choice of the Session over the Silver. Fortunately, GoPro dropped the price very recently – a $100 so that it now sells for $299.

Except for today! One of eBays deals is for the GoPro HERO4 Session and it is only $249. It is brand new and if you are looking for a good deal on this camera, this is certainly it. Will it get cheaper on Black Friday? Hard to say but normally retailers end up bundling things with the GoPro cameras (like accessories or gift cards) so I wouldn’t wait based on that.

At $249, it is a good price. I have a GoPro HERO4 Black or else I would have probably used my newly minted eBay Bucks to buy this little guy. At any rate, if you are looking for a decent camera for any purpose, including taking into the water with you, this is a good deal on that camera.

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