2020 Summer Olympics

Get Ready! 2020 Summer Olympic Tickets Go On Sale Soon!

2020 Summer Olympics
Written by Charlie

Get ready! The 2020 Summer Olympic tickets are about to go on sale for Tokyo! If you are interested, find out prices, times, and locations now!

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo is just over a year away but the general ticket sales are about to open. There were some presale opportunities but today is the day that it will go on sale for the public to buy – and the best tickets will go quickly!

2020 Summer Olympic Tickets Go On Sale Soon

Link: CoSport Summer Olympic Tickets

CoSport is the distributor of 2020 Summer Olympic tickets for US buyers and they will begin selling tickets to the events at 2PM EDT today (July 8). Whatever tickets are left from the earlier presale opportunities will be on sale today. Expect some of the more popular events to go very quickly.

Note: If you want to buy Summer Olympic tickets, make a CoSport account now before ticket sales open so you are ready to buy when the ticket sales go live!

2020 summer olympics tickets

This page (price list) shows you the cost for each category of ticket for each event (in Japanese Yen) so you can have a quick look at what it may cost you. I had selected some tickets in the presale without knowing the price and was quite surprised to find that some of my track and field tickets were coming in at $1,300 each! Yeah, I didn’t buy so if those tickets are of interest, they will be in this sale. 🙂

Here is a look at the price list for some of the events:

Here is a look at the athletics stadium to show you the category of seating:

So, be ready at 2PM EDT today to grab any tickets of interest! Tokyo is a class-A city so I am sure that there are many people that have zero qualms about how well they will be at pulling off an organized Olympics. That means there won’t be as many people waffling with their ticket sales as maybe at some other Olympics in the past. Be ready to buy what you want now.

To keep up with continuing coverage of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo here on the site, 2020 Summer Olympics.

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  • These sales are for US citizens, but for Japanese citizens, there has already been a lottery for Olympics tix reserved for the host country.

  • The queue line was about 25,000+ people. By the 4,000th person, tickets in that inventory had sold out. I love Japan, and Tokyo 2020 has been my dream to go since seeing its bid on a poster on my first trip to Tokyo to 2013. It means a lot to me. Currently looking for other options and hope for tickets. I even know how to speak Japanese! いつも頑張る!

  • Natalie, I can relate! (tho I haven’t learned Japanese yet) Yesterday I was on in a line of 6500 people for over two hours, then everything was sold out! Do we have any information about more tickets going on sale to U.S. citizens? CoSport was not answering the phone yesterday or even accepting emails. We were hoping to attend at least the surfing events and visit Japan for the first time for my 50th birthday…I need some hopeful news!

  • I saw the same when I was assigned que number 4100. It was frustrating because my planned the entire trip around the games and which games we would see. We werent chossen for the first round and had to wait for the US public sale. We had lots of hope and were quickly dissapointed.

    I thought of how every games tickets are held for sponsors and the venuse still end up with empty seats. Those people should be given a voucher instead of a ticket, and if they dont redeam the voucher at the venue within a certian time; ie. 1 hour, 3 hour before the event starts, then those seats aught to be open to the public to purchase. That would eliminate empty seats in venues and allow someone who wants to go see the games enter to see the event.

  • I totally missed the Tuesday live sale time! It’s a big shame, but after hearing from a co-worker how it was completely crazy, it made me feel that maybe i would’ve had bad luck too. you might not be able to go into the stadium, but i think if you can go to the city during the olympics, it’ll still be amazing to feel the atmosphere! that’s my hope, anyway. good luck to everyone.