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Awesome Maldives Package with Points: Underwater Villa Access, Luxury Villa, Seaplane Transfer and More

Written by Charlie

Ever want to use just hotel points for a luxury Maldives stay? This auction package covers access to the underwater villa, a $5,000+ night villa, seaplane transfers, and more! But, it will cost a lot of points!

Here is an auction item that lets you use just Hilton points to cover an awesome Maldives package with a luxury villa, access to the underwater villa, seaplane transfers and more for up to 4 people – all on points!

When people talk about the Maldives, it conjures up the the ultimate in luxurious getaways. That image is aided by the number of top hotels around the world that build breathtaking properties there. The Maldives is actually one of the things that gets a lot of people into the idea of miles and points – but it can still cost a lot of money to actually get to your Maldives escape.

Awesome Maldives Package with Points

Link: Awesome Maldives Package

Hilton actually has you covered with that in that you won’t have to dish out money for things like the seaplane transfers (typically hundreds of dollars per person) and will even give you access to one of the most exclusive hotel rooms around – the underwater villa called THE MURAKA at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

  • Bidding ends July 29, 2019
  • Valid for 4 people
  • Includes 4 nights at the high-end Sunset Water Villa (over $5,000 per night at times!)
  • Includes breakfast
  • Includes private boat
  • Includes seaplane transfers
  • Invlues Muraka experience
  • Can be used within the next year

Staying at the Muraka for a 4 night package runs over $200,000. With this points package, you can actually get a chance to tour and access the Muraka while also even dining in the Muraka (no, you don’t actually spend the night in the villa itself).

awesome maldives package

Beyond that, you will get boat and seaplane transfers included as well as 4 nights in the Sunset Water Villa, a pretty gorgeous looking place all of its own. In fact, on random dates for next year, I saw it costs $26,000 for two people! With this auction deal from Hilton, you get it for 4 people and that includes daily breakfast and the phenomenal Muraka experience (plus private boat and seaplane transfers).

However, this is going to cost the winner a ton of points! The bidding is already at 900,000 Hilton points and it goes for 19 more days. If interested, check out the link above. Hey, getting access to the underwater villa and dining there has to be worth something, right? 🙂

Make no mistake – this is going to cost millions of Hilton points! But, this package could well be worth over $35,000 in actual dollars it would cost so it will be the trip of a lifetime for someone! And, they can do it all with just points!

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    • Nope, that is not a type. The last data I had on a 4-night stay in the Muraka was that it was a $200,000 package (the underwater villa itself, not just a regular villa).