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How To Get Your Chase Referrals & Leave Your Chase Referrals Here!

Chase referrals
Written by Charlie

Find out how to get your own Chase referrals for credit cards and then come back here to share them with other readers. You can earn points and so can they!

Chase has launched a new set of Chase referrals and that means that you can get some points of your own for people signing up! This is a great opportunity to help friends and family sign up for the cards you already have and use! Find out how to get your referrals and then leave your referral links in the comments to get more people to sign up!

How To Get Your Chase Referrals

To begin, head over to the Chase Refer a Friend website and have the last 4 digits of the card ready that you want to get a referral link for.

chase referrals

Next, enter your Last Name, your Zip Code, and your Last 4 Digits of the card,. This will let you into the Chase Referrals portal. If you try to use a card that is not currently allowing you to get Chase referrals, you will have a pop up informing you that this card is not valid for the referrals.

chase referrals

Now, it will give you the option to send e-mails, Facebook messages, or Twitter messages to people with your referral link. If you opt for the e-mail route, know that it can take 7 days (which is really crazy!) to get to your friend/family member. Also, if they have opted out of marketing e-mails from Chase, they will not receive an e-mail.

chase referrals

The best thing to do is to go the Twitter route. This is because it will prepopulate a Tweet with your referral link and you can copy that to put it anywhere else (including in the comment section of this post!).

Things to Know About Chase Referrals

You can only receive 50,000 points from that card in referrals each calendar year. Also, Chase says that the referral bonus for you may be taxable (probably the offers that come as cash back) so be aware of that. I have not received a tax statement yet for any of the referral bonuses I have received.

Make sure you take each one of your Chase cards to see what the offers are! Sometimes, better offers are only available this way (like the increase on the Chase Ink Cash).

Share Your Chase Referrals Here!

Now, Running with Miles does run in part thanks to the many of you who apply through the links on these pages here. I do thank you for that and it really helps me to be able to continue working on this site. But, I also like to take the opportunity to spread some of the wealth of referrals and let you all share your referrals with other readers. To this day, one of the most searched for posts on this site is one that lets people share referrals so I know that people benefit from it!

Basic Guidelines

I will ask for just a couple of things – please do not post the same referral link using different display names (yes, there are some that do that!). Also, try to make it clear and like this:

I have a referral link for 50K points on the Chase Sapphire Preferred – referral link.

This will help people to scan quickly and see which offers would benefit them.

And that is that! Go ahead and leave your Chase referrals below and I hope you all max out your 50,000 point quotas! 🙂

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