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Get $20 Staples Gift Card With $300 Mastercard Gift Cards Purchase

$20 Staples
Written by Charlie

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Staples is running another promotion on prepaid card purchases. This is similar to the one from last month except the gift card offered this time is a Staples gift card, not a Visa gift card. (Also, this time, it is for the purchase of Mastercard gift cards, not Visa like last month.) That you receive a Staples gift card instead of a prepaid card is not really that big of a deal because you can still find many ways to cash out the $20 Staples card!

$20 Staples Gift Card with $300 Mastercard Purchase

$20 Staples

This offer is only valid for in-store purchases. It is not a huge moneymaker, but if you are purchasing Mastercard and Visa gift cards at Staples (to earn points), then this little promo will wipe out your Mastercard gift card fees (and then some). If you shop at Staples, you should be using your Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus so you can earn the 5 Ultimate Reward points per dollar. If you do that with this promo, you will end up with 1,564 Ultimate Reward points (purchasing a $200 gift card + $6.95 + $100 gift card + $5.95 fee x 5 UR multiplier) and have a net profit of $8.10! Those points are worth at least $25 in future travel (when transferred to partners like United, Hyatt, or Southwest). Take advantage of this offer this week, if you can! Easy points plus some free money.

Refer to my previous post to see about the rebate steps (similar to that deal in receiving the rebate).

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    • Sorry to not make it more clear – you can use them to buy other gift cards or to purchase other items that you would have paid cash for. I guess “cash out” was not the way to phrase that…

  • Is this valid at all Staples locations, or just in certain locales? My wife went into a Staples in FL on 7/13 and no one, not even the manager, had any knowledge of this offer.

    • It is a nationwide offer (it is in their flyer for this week). I have had the employees not know about it and be surprised when the printer kept spitting out receipts (for the rebates). If they are not inclined to help you before purchase, that would be the only way to know for sure – purchase and wait for the receipts. It should be just fine, though.

  • I just went to my local Staples (Utah) where I regularly buy Visa Gift Cards and was told that I couldn’t use a credit card for the MC gift cards. It seemed strange. I’m going to try another nearby store.

  • My local Staples stores in the Walnut Creek-Concord, CA area will not accept a credit card for Visa or MasterCard gift card purchases. They insist on check or cash only! They claim it has to do with legal issues, which is nonsense, as you can buy some visa gift cards online.

    • That is rough. It is obviously a manager-made rule (or maybe regional?), maybe they have been having a lot of problems with scammers in the area? Would they even let you try to swipe it to see if it would go through?