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LoopPay – How To Carry All Your Credit Cards

Written by Charlie

There is a company called LoopPay that is trying to be your source of technology married with your credit cards. It is a mixture of hardware and software that combines to give you the opportunity to carry all of your credit cards with you all the time.

Loop Pay


The LoopWallet from LoopPay

Welcome to Loop Pay and the Loop ChargeCase, the Loop Fob, and the Loop Wallet! It is a mixture of some pretty cool software and hardware to keep all of your cards together and pay with which ever you choose whenever you want. Here is the website and the page to show you how it worksIf you sign-up and order, I will receive a $5 Amazon credit if you use my link. The same offer is available to anyone!

The benefit of having all of your credit cards with you all the time is that you can pick the card that has the best bonus category for the purchase you are about to make or use the card that has a particular offer tied to it (Amex Offers) even though it is a card that you never use.

Imagine you are out and stop at a store to grab something and all of a sudden remember that you have a different Amex card registered to give you the sync offer for that particular store. Instead of missing out on it, you just select that card from the smartphone app and swipe away.

The Technology

Unlike Coin, this device does not swipe but it generates a magnetic field to the credit card processing unit. You simply hold your phone next to the machine (instead of swiping a card through it) and it will handle the payment. Loop Wallet says that 90% of cash registers in the US are compatible with their equipment.

Loop Pay

Loop ChargeCase

The device that will ship to you is a case that your phone snaps into. Not only does it handle the payment processing but it also can power your phone to keep it going. With that package comes a handy fob that you use to swipe all of your credit cards so they get transferred to the app and smartphone case.

Loop Pay

The Loop Fob

The fob unit also can be purchased separately to attach to your smartphone like a card reader or be used independently (with the default card). It is definitely the cheaper way to go.

The cost for the LoopPay ChargeCase is available for $99 and ships with the key fob. If you purchase just the fob, you will only have to pay $39.

The smartphone app (Loop Wallet) can be downloaded for free (so give it a little test drive). I have played around with it a little bit and it is pretty smooth. Even if you do not have the hardware, you can still manually enter all of your credit cards and then pull them up to access the numbers if you need them. There is a good layer of security to the app so your information is safe. I may just input all my cards so I can keep them all in one place. To use the app does not cost anything.

Anyone familiar with this product? What do you think?

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  • Sorry.

    Since there’s no way I would think data is 100% safe there’s no way I would take a chance with that much data and possible exposure in one spot.

    And the company just started up last year.

    • There are definitely security concerns with going to something like this. Hopefully, these things will be proven to be very secure. I like the idea of using the fob when I am out on a run. The only problem would be cashier’s hesitancy to accept a scan like that.

  • Like the concept. Trying to be like Coin except its centered around the phone. The only problem is this won’t work in the many situations where you need to hand the card to a cashier. And what about EMV? I don’t see it. If your card has a chip and you try to swipe it you may be prompted to insert it in the chip reader slot. This was my recent experience at Walmart.