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Get 20% Cash Back On GoPro HERO4 Cameras

Written by Charlie

The GoPro HERO cameras have long been popular with those seeking to film their adventures in various sports. But, these cameras are capable for much more than just that. They have become favorites of video professionals for a variety of situations due to their incredible feature set and quality. The HERO4 series is the best yet and bring unparalleled video modes into the palm of your hand.


The HERO4 cameras just came out last month and so do not have many sales on them yet. But, when taking advantage of an Amex offer that I wrote about last week, you can get 20% cash back on these cameras! To do this, it requires this:

  • 4 (or 5) American Express cards to sync with the offer
  • Purchase 4 (or 5) $100 gift cards from City Sports
  • Use the gift cards at City Sports to purchase the HERO4 Silver or Black

That would bring the HERO4 Silver down to $320 (from $399) and the HERO4 Black down to $400 (from $499). That is a really great deal on these new cameras! Here are the details on how to get this done:

Amex Offer

Getting the Offer

Log in to your American Express account and scroll down to the bottom. You will see Amex Offers For You. Select it and add the offers you want to your card. Make sure you make note of which card you save it to.

Important Step

To maximize it, add the offer to separate cards, simply login to your American Express account and then choose to duplicate the tab (if using Google Chrome) as many times as you have cards. Once they are all open, select a different Amex card in each tab and select to save the offer to the card.

If you save the offer to multiple cards, you will be able to purchase multiple gift cards at $100 each (and receive the $20 credit back on each card you use).



This is a great deal on a camera that would be perfect for sports or for travel. The HERO4 Silver comes with a built-in screen so you can see what you are filming. These would be great to use for your trip to capture some really good video.

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  • Can you use 4 gift cards on one order when shopping online? I see that befrugal is offering 6% cash back. Have you had luck receiving cash back when buying GC’s or when paying with GC’s?There is potential for an extra $48 if you bought the silver.


    • Yes, you can use as many gift cards as you want. I actually have not placed my order yet as I am waiting on a couple of things to help decide which I am going to get. Great thought on the befrugal, though! If you go for it, please let me know if it shows up – from either buying the gift cards, using the gift cards, or both. Thanks!

    • Hi All,

      Very thankful for this post, as my wife wanted one for Christmas and I just purchased it and wanted to let you know how it went. The double-dip opportunity worked! I synced 4 Amex cards in preparation for the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I bought 3x$100 gift cards from CitySports and received 6% back (so $18) from BF. Then I bought the GoPro using the $300 in GCs and the other $100 from my final Amex card, and my 6% cash back on the WHOLE amount (so $24) just posted for a total of $42 cash back savings and $80 in AmexOffer savings! $122 savings is just awesome at over 30% savings on a product that just doesn’t go on sale with the exception of maybe Black Friday. Technically I could have saved $6 by purchasing a fourth gift card and using that to pay, but I wanted to pay for part of it with my Amex Platinum to get purchase protection since this is a very expensive item, so having purchase protection is totally worth the $6 I sacrificed to me. Hope you guys have success if you choose to buy one!