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Flying to Greece? Kids Fly Free with New Aegean Airlines Promotion!

Written by Charlie

Traveling to Greece this summer? Aegean Airlines is offering a great promotion where kids fly free with at least one adult – plus many more benefits.

There is no question that the next 6 months are a huge test for Greece. They have been working really hard to encourage travel to Greece this summer since their economy is based so heavily on tourism and the Greek flagged carrier, Aegean Airlines, is doing their best to help you get to Greece with your family as well.

Aegean Airlines – Kids Fly Free

Link: Aegean Airlines Kids Fly Free Promo

This is similar to an offer they ran last year but they are starting it earlier this year and it is an incredibly generous offer! Basically, as long as you are an adult, you can bring your kids with you on Aegean Airlines for free (only paying airport charges). Want to make it even better? You get one checked bag up to 23kg (50lbs) for free as well!

This is as great of a deal as you are likely to find and it works on all Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airways flights. Here is what you need to know to book and save.

  • This is valid on all direct and connecting flights from all international destinations to/from Greece
  • Valid for all flights between May 15 – August 31, 2021
  • Must book by May 6
  • Just pay the airport charges on the children’s fares – fuel surcharges and ticket costs are waived as long as their is an adult on the reservation

Want it even better? Aegean also has no rebooking fees on ticket changes (but fare increases may be likely), double Miles+Bonus miles, take your pets along with a 50% off discount, get 10% off your car rental when you arrive and if you book a PCR test through Aegean (around €40-50), you get €15 off your next flight. This is great if you need a negative test to travel back home.

Aegean, like Greece, is shouting it loud and clear – NO QUARANTINE REQUIRED UPON ARRIVAL IN GREECE and this is not strictly for vaccinated travelers. As long as you have a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival (as of April 20), you are good to go as well.

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  • I can find no US airports on Aegean’s flight route map or destination list…

    • Hi, Shane – Aegean is a European carrier that only serves parts of Africa, the Middle East and most of Europe. They don’t fly to the US.

      • So, not really much of a useful promo for anyone from the USA… They do show Canadian destinations.

        • Canadian destinations would be code-shares. It actually is still useful for people from the US because a lot of visitors to Greece travel throughout Greece while here and Aegean has an incredibly strong domestic network. So, getting free travel with kids makes it much easier to get around Greece to visit various islands or the mainland. Also very useful for anyone visiting from anywhere in Europe (where a lot of readers are from as well).

  • Oh, sure, there could be some usefulness for some from the US. (which is admittedly allowed by my wording “not really much…”)

    A few years ago Scandinavian Airlines had a kids fly free promo that prompted us to book and take 3 trips to Europe with 4 kids flying free each trip. That was a very useful promo for us! (I was hoping this could provide a similar opportunity).

    I was surprised to see no US destinations by Aegean – never having flown with them but having heard of them for years, I guess I just assumed they flew to the USA.

    Thanks for posting about the promo!

    • Awesome that you were able to use the Scandinavian promo so nicely! Yes, I really do wish Aegean would fly to the US because they have some top-notch service onboard but they are only flying the smaller Airbus planes right now. Maybe some day!
      You have probably heard a lot about them as well because they used to offer the best way to get Star Alliance Gold and there were tons of Aegean members in the US who had taken advantage of it. Not as easy anymore but certainly not too hard to retain!
      Hopefully, you can try them out someday! Not to mention, spend some time in Greece! 🙂 Take care!

      • Charlie – are you in Greece now? (your comments imply that you may be). If so, what is the situation as to Covid restrictions/closures?

        We were in Greece a few years ago and had a great time. Looking forward to returning.

        • Hi, Shane – Yes, we are here in Greece (northern Greece). It is pretty rough. Greece has some of the tightest restrictions in Europe with no one allowed outside except for one of 6 approved reasons (and an SMS needs to be sent prior to leaving or take a form out that is filled). Stores have been closed for months, restaurants, cafes (open just for takeout/delivery), and no leisure travel is allowed between regions. It should be opening up in the next couple of weeks but even churches have been closed for months as well.