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First Experience With JetBlue Mosaic

Written by Charlie

Last month, JetBlue was offering status matches and challenges from other elite programs to their own Mosaic elite status. JetBlue only has one status above that of a general member. The name of it is Mosaic status and it does not carry all of the perks that one expects from other elite programs, namely complimentary upgrades. However, there are still some decent perks to the program that flyers may find useful.

First Experience With JetBlue Mosaic

I had applied for and was approved for my Mosaic status match. This meant that my Mosaic status would be good for all of 2014, but if I finished the challenge portion, I would also have it for all of 2015. Since I will not be in the US for long, I will be unable to finish the challenge, so I will only have it for 2014. With my first trip in the US being on JetBlue following my match, I was eager to see what practical use Mosaic would give me.

Elite Check-In?

We were flying out from JFK which is JetBlue’s hub. As such, I figured that would be the best way to see how they incorporated Mosaic travelers into their travelflow. I was traveling with my family, so there were five of us who headed to the JetBlue check-in area that morning. We had bags to check in, so we had to head to the counter. I was surprised to find that they did not have any Mosaic-only check-in line. This was especially frustrating since the lines for check-in and baggage drop were very long. In fact, as we waited, JetBlue employees would routinely come through asking for passengers who were on flights that were shortly departing. I asked those same agents why it was that JetBlue did not have an elite line. They said they also found it strange and had entered it as a comment for future incorporation.

So, how does JetBlue Mosaic work for check-in? Not well at all. A JetBlue Mosaic member is no different than any other member. In fact, if you want to skip through the line quickly, you do not need to be an elite at all but simply show up very closely to your flight departure time. 🙂 However, in all fairness, JetBlue does not speak to priority check-in for elite members. I simply thought that would be a given. Hopefully, that will be something they add over time, at least for JFK.

Priority Security Line?

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.51.49 PMOne of the perks of the JetBlue Mosaic status is access to their Even More Speed line for security. This is similar to elite lines for other airlines at security. It simply allows you to cut through the line of general travelers to the front of the security area. This could be a huge timesaver for many travelers in JFK, but since we have TSA Pre-check as part of our Global Entry program, we got to go through an even quicker line. It not only lets you through security lines faster but it lets you go through the easier security line where you do not need to remove shoes, belts, light jackets, etc.

For us, the JetBlue Even More Speed line did not add anything to our experience. For travelers without TSA Precheck, it could be a valuable timesaver, however.

Early Boarding?

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.51.07 PMAnother perk is to allow Mosaic members early boarding privileges. On our flight, they never gave us that option. They began loading from the back and never announced early boarding for Mosaic members. I cannot remember on prior trips if they announced Mosaic boarding or not, so I cannot speak to other trips.

If you are not a Mosaic member, you can purchase the Even More package for your flight that gives you more space and also gives you early boarding. On our flight, that cost was $10. So, for $10, you can have the same early boarding that Mosaic members get plus get the Even More Space seats that Mosaic members do not get.

2nd Bag Free

All JetBlue travelers get the first bag free. Mosaic members get their second bags free, as do all the members in their reservation. I thought we were going to need this but we did not end up needing it. It is nice knowing that it is an option in case you are connecting with an international flight that allows you to take two bags free. No paying for the bags!

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.51.14 PM

What Other Perks?

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.50.51 PMSo, what else does JetBlue Mosaic offer? Interestingly enough, one of the best perks actually has nothing to do with traveling. It is the fee-waived cancellation and change options for Mosaic members. This option also applies to all travelers in the Mosaic member’s reservation. This can be very useful since JetBlue fares can be somewhat fluid. Basically, this gives JetBlue Mosaic members the same exact perk that all Southwest travelers get. Still, it is nice that they offer it, especially since other airlines do not offer this to their elite members (except on award tickets).

In addition, members also receive an additional 3 TrueBlue points per dollar spent. They also receive access to a dedicated phone line and the option to use their points for Even More Space seats.

Is JetBlue Mosaic Worth It?

So, is that status worth it? If you were given it from a match, it certainly does not hurt. If you are going to be flying JetBlue much, it will help, especially with the fee waivers. But, compared to most other programs, I would not consider it as helpful as those elite programs. What are your perceptions of the program and how well does it service you?

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  • I like Mosaic a lot. I have never experienced gate agents not offering early boarding. And the FF miles are great if you combine them with the other members of your family. The no-fee and the travel bank for changed flights work flawlessly.

    • Unfortunately, you cannot match to DL or UA. You can do a status challenge to AA (without needing to use your Mosaic status). Call 800-882-8880 to find out the latest fee to enroll.