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Emirates’ App Let’s You Make an Entertainment Playlist – Before You Board

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With Emirates’ app update, you can now build a playlist from their vast in-flight entertainment options before you board. It will also let you “see” your seat options as well as give you your menu options – one month in advance!

When it comes to in-flight entertainment, Emirates is really at the top of heap of airlines. With thousands of channels and entertainment options, there can be enough to keep you occupied and entertained on even the longest of Emirates’ flights.

Emirates’ App Let’s You Make an Entertainment Playlist – Before You Board

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Now, their smartphone app will let you scroll through the options that will be available on your flight and you can make your playlist for your flight – before you even take off! This is a nice way to know what will be available to you and could be great for kids as well so that you can set up some kid-friendly options.

emirates app

When onboard, you connect to the in-flight WiFi to sync your playlist to your entertainment unit in the seatback. Now you are good to go! Just push play and let it roll through your pre-selected entertainment options. This option will be expanding to other Emirates flights but is currently available on over 100 777 aircraft and will be available on their A380 flights in the coming months.

More Options for the Emirates Smartphone Apps

Their smartphone app is available for iOS and Android and also features the ability to do a 3D “look” of your 777 or A380 aircraft so that you can select your perfect seat. Another perk of the app is that you can see the menu that will be available for your flight up to one month before your flight. Emirates’ food in business and first is legendary and delicious and is even really good in economy.

But, if you are flying economy, it is nice to see the food options you have before you fly (since not everyone likes the food options that economy class typically offers as just a couple of choices).

Airline apps are becoming more powerful and useful for pre-flight options but this new update on the Emirates app is certainly one that will give their passengers even more ways to properly prepare before their flights.

Source: Emirates

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