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An Awesome New Google Flights Feature to Find You Even Better Deals

Written by Charlie

There is a simple new Google Flights feature that will be sure to save you time and money on future flights! Activate it now to save!

No question about it – travel is back and prices have gone up. In the past, this means resorting more to using airline miles instead of cash but with many airlines going more revenue based with award redemptions, that isn’t always working well either. However, Google has just brought a simple new feature to Google Flights that will help you in finding the best dates to fly on.

New Google Flights Feature for Tracking Prices

Google Flights is a powerful flight engine that we have been using for years to find some great deals and even pick where and when we will go based on the deals found through Google Flights. While it has been possible to track prices for a range of dates before (and receive e-mail alerts when prices change) and even possible to scan a calendar range of prices, it was not possible to get alerted on price changes on any dates.

Well, that is until yesterday! Google Flights will now let you toggle a little switch in the Google Flights results to e-mail you alerts if your itinerary changes substantially for any dates. By “substantial”, Google says that you will receive an e-mail if they detect a price lower than typical fares in the next 3-6 months.

This is huge for people that have flexibility and want to save time in their searches. Now, you do not need to set up multiple alerts for your favorite dates but you can be updated with just a tick of a toggle to find out when the best deals will come.

Super simple and greatly appreciated by travelers, so, thanks, Google! Also, check out their blog post for some other new travel features to the Google family.

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