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Earn 6X – 11X Miles Per Dollar at Apple!

miles per dollar at Apple
Written by Charlie

Ready to buy some Apple gear for the school year? You can earn up to 11 miles per dollar at Apple if you use these deals going on now! But, it only lasts today!

If you have not already hit your spending thresholds for United’s shopping portal offer, you can get as much as 11 points per dollar through United at Apple! Could be a good time to buy!

Earn 6X – 11X Miles Per Dollar At Apple

Starting With 6X Miles

Link: United Shopping Portal for Apple

United’s shopping portal is offer 6X miles per dollar at Apple – today only. We have seen as high as 8 miles so this is not an all-time high but if you are shopping for back to school, it is a great deal!

So, sign-in and get buying if you need some Apple gear!

Moving Up to 11X Miles

miles per dollar at Apple

Link: Back to School Promo

United is running their back to school portal offer (it expires the 18th) and this is one of those tiered spending promos. It adds up with all the United portal stores but if you have not done any shopping through United yet, you could earn as much as 11X miles per dollar – if you spend $600.

Here are the spending tiers:

  • Spend $150, earn 500 bonus miles
  • Spend $350, earn 1,500 bonus miles
  • Spend $600, earn 3,000 bonus miles

Obviously, the sweet spot is $600 in total spending through United. From there, it begins to go down in miles per dollar (but never below the 6X for today only) and from below it, it is not quite there. You can still get over 10 miles per dollar when hitting the other tiers so check that out as well.

Good Time to Buy?

If you are looking for a MacBook or iPad, now is a great time to buy! They just revamped their lineup in June and even some of those have already found their way into the refurbished shop. It is just the iPhones and Apple Watch that will be rolling out with new devices next month.

So, check out their refurbished area as there are some great deals there!

I am a MacBook Pro user myself (last year’s model) and absolutely love it! At only 4lbs, it is easy to take anywhere yet powerful enough to do anything I need so I can definitely recommend it!

Terms of United’s Portal for Apple

Rewards are issued by this site, not Apple. Apple AirPods are not eligible. Newly released products may not be eligible. Additional products not eligible are: gift cards, gift wrap, One to One Membership, Bose products, and shipping. Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale. Eligible only to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only two (2) units within a thirty-day (30-day) period are eligible. Employee Purchase Plan sites are not eligible. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

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  • You say that they updated the lineup of their products in June of this year, but then post the terms that say “Newly released products may not earn points.” So let’s be clear this is YMMV..

    Recently burned by this, went through the UA Portal for this $600/3000 mile promo and bought a MacBook 12″ on sale at Best Buy. Stupid me realizes after the fact BB pays out NADA for Apple purchases. Super annoyed

    • Yeah, Best Buy quit paying out to everyone – not just portals – on Apple products last year. While these are new, this is not typically considered “newly released” with Apple. That period only is for about a month. Also, if you buy anything from the refurb, even the new models, you will be good to go. Worst case, if you don’t get the miles, you always have 30 days to return and Apple is great about it. United’s portal typically pays out within a week.