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[Possibly] Get 100,000 Hilton Points with Upgrade to Surpass

Written by Charlie

Here is a potential offer where you could upgrade to the Hilton Surpass card and be able to earn 100,000 Hilton points! That is a great deal!

In addition to checking other places to see if I have missed new credit card offers, I also have a process that I go through to search for new/increased offers on my own. With the news that Hilton Surpass card was back to paying out 100,000 points, I was in search for a direct link (unfortunately, it is only available by referral link right now).

While I was unable to find a direct link to the 100K Hilton Surpass offer, I did find an interesting link. Maybe you will have better luck than I did with this one!

[Possibly] Get 100,000 Hilton Points with Upgrade to Surpass

As a quick review, American Express used to be pretty good (for us!) about leaving ghost (or zombie) links around for limited time offers. But, they have really cleaned that up so that when an offer is gone, it is normally gone. But, they sometimes do have some links that appear for everyone but are either targeted or are not supposed to be live.

Amex Hilton Surpass 100K Upgrade Link

Potential Upgrade Offer for 100,000 Hilton Points!

100,000 Hilton points

This does not work for me but it might work for you. Of course, the reason it does not work for me may have something to do with the fact that I have upgraded to the Hilton Surpass like 3 times last summer. 🙂 That was an easy way to generate 50,000 points easily, even when you already had the Surpass card before (they made it unavailable to past holders now).

100,000 Hilton Points

So, this link shows up and the text on Google says that it is for 100,000 Hilton points when you upgrade. Several of the times I clicked on the link, it came back with the message that the systems were not working and to call in. This often happens if it is a targeted offer or an offer that might not be quite ready.

Upgrade Details

A couple of times, I was able to have the offer show up for me and it does show the following terms:

  • Apply for an upgrade
  • Get 100,000 Hilton HHonorsBonus Points after you spend $3,000 in purchases on the Card within your first 3 months of Card Membership.
  • Annual fee of $75

If you have had a card for less than 12 months, then you will not be eligible to upgrade until after a minimum of 12 months has passed. That is due to the changing of fees within the first year of holding a product.

One of the times, it showed an expiration date of May 4, 2016 (which might explain the other problems). But the other time, it did not show that. So, I really do not know what is going on with this! I cannot move forward to the application since I am ineligible for the offer (I do not have a card I can upgrade).

However, the referral link for the Surpass offer of 100,000 points also shows May 4th in the e-mail but not in the terms. So, it may just be that the system has not caught up yet. Either way, I did think it was worth letting you know to see if you could get it to work for you!

Upgrading to the Hilton Surpass from…

When I used to upgrade to the Surpass, I had been able to do it with both the regular Amex Hilton card and the Delta cards. If you have one of those, give it a try! I never did see the offer from the SPG card (which is to be expected) or a Membership Rewards earning card.

Please let me know in the comments if you are able to get it to work! Being able to upgrade for 100,000 points and no hard pull is an outstanding deal! I wish I was eligible and that it would work for me.

Word of Caution

Do take note – as far as I could make it, it did not speak of the once per lifetime bonus. But, the upgrade offer had been updated before to reflect that if you have ever had the Surpass card, you would not be eligible for it again. So check carefully if you get to the application to make sure that it does not say that and take screenshots (if you did have the card before).

Let us know in the comments if you were successful in upgrading for the 100,000 points!

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  • Thanks for the heads up! I couldn’t get the 100K link to work, but I’ve been debating upgrading my basic Amex HHonors card (never had Surpass before) and toying with the standard 50K offer. Out of curiosity I went to check my offers and found it was now 75K with same terms ($3000/3 months) which is good enough for me. May kick myself if 100K becomes standard in a week but for no hard pull definitely worth it IMO.

  • It worked for me earlier, now it doesn’t =/
    I have not upgraded in the past and currently Amex site shows a 75k upgrade option for my card. I’ll just wait =]

    • Going through the earlier post on this topic, that link does work however. Hmmmm

  • I have both AMEX Surpass and NAF Hilton card over a year now. Should I close it the current Surpass and hopefully be able to upgrade to a new Surpass sometime in the future? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, if you have the Surpass, you won’t be able to get points for it again – whether by upgrading or through a new card.