DJI Released TWO New Travel-Friendly Drones, Each With Unique Features

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There are two new travel-friendly drones from DJI that raise the bar in quality and in capabilities. Either of these new DJI drones would fit great in your carryon while giving you some really great photos and videos of the places you visit.

DJI is the undisputed leader in the field of aerial drones for photos and videos. While others have released some compelling drones as well, DJI has the research, quality, and marketing to gain a massive following with some quality products.

DJI Released TWO New Travel-Friendly Drones, Each With Unique Features

DJI’s Travel Drone Family

DJI Mavic Pro

Link: DJI Mavic Pro

Over the last couple of years, DJI has released some consumer drones that were much more friendly drones. The first of those was the DJI Mavic Pro. I had owned and used it and it was a fantastic feat of engineering that did a great job of providing some great images in a travel-friendly package.

DJI Spark

Link: DJI Spark

After that, DJI released the DJI Spark which is a nice drone to use for social media shots or similar. It lacked some of the image and video quality of the Mavic as well as not having as steady of a shooting experience since the gimbal was just a 2-axis (it achieved the 3rd access through software). I had owned that one as well and even though it was a very small and sturdy drone, I just couldn’t get next to it since its unfolding arms brought it closer to the Mavic Pro’s footprint.

DJI Mavic Air

Link: DJI Mavic Air

Next (earlier this year), they came out with the DJI Mavic Air. This is my current drone and it is just amazing. It is quite a bit smaller than the Mavic Pro but it improved the bitrate for video (from 60mbps to 100mbps) as well as some other improvements over the Mavic Pro. These new features made it a big seller instantly since it was selling for $799 while the older Mavic Pro was still going for $999.

However, there were still a couple of reasons to go for the Mavic Pro over the Air since the Pro had better transmission range as well as better battery life. It made for a touch decision for some!

Two New DJI Drones – Great For Travel

Well, now fans of the Mavic Pro can rest easy since DJI released two new drones in the Mavic family that have improved on the features of the original Mavic Pro and now offer two awesome options for aerial enthusiasts. One is called the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the other is called the DJI Mavic Zoom.

Here is what both models do have in common as upgrades over the Mavic Pro:

  • 100 Mbps bitrate for video
  • Increased max speed to 48 MPH
  • Rated for 31 minutes of flight time per battery (depending on wind conditions)
  • ActiveTrack 2.0 (for better tracking for things like sports)
  • New Hyperlapse mode (used to take videos and then automatically create a moving time-lapse)
  • Upgraded obstacle avoidance
  • 8GB of onboard storage
  • Upgraded transmission performance (now it can transmit a 1080p video up to 5 miles over the previous 4.4 miles)
new DJI travel drones

The comparison between the different Mavic drones – Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, and Mavic 2 Pro

That is quite a new set of features! But, now we get to the part that separates the two new drones and it all has to do with the onboard cameras. It is now being said that DJI will have a program that will allow you to send in your drone and have the camera swapped out but no word yet on price. So, your purchase may not be permanent yet!

Mavic 2 Zoom

This new drone has the same sensor size as the previous Mavic generation but now it goes from 24-48mm with digital zoom up over 90mm. This is useful for various compositions as well as getting closer to objects without moving the drone in closer. This is very useful when you are near controlled airspace (but still in the safety zone!) and you want to get a closer shot of something in that controlled space (like near an airport zone, stadium, etc).

It also supports a new mode called “Dolly Zoom.” This allows the drone to go backwards while the camera zooms in to give a really cool and dramatic look – all done automatically.

This new drone is going for $1,249.

Mavic 2 Pro
new dji travel drones

The amount of coverage the new 1″ sensor of the Mavic 2 Pro gives over the sensor in the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic Pro.

The Mavic 2 Pro goes the other way with using a new camera module developed with Hasselblad to give a 1″ sensor onboard. This will allow for even better photo and video quality and will also work great for lower light situations.

Another cool thing about this model is the variable aperture which will help you get those better low light shots. It also comes with HDR video and new color science.

This model is going for $1,449.

Why Both of These New Drones Are Great for Travel

When traveling in certain areas, it is certainly nice to be able to get a different perspective shot or film some video that you simply cannot get from your ground location. These new drones bring along a ton of new features in a very travel friendly size that will let you bring a new Mavic along in your carryon – and you likely won’t even notice that it is there for how small a space it takes up!

Plus, DJI also redid the controller to be more similar to the Mavic Air in allowing the sticks to unscrew and pack into the unit. This makes the controller more packable as well!

These are certainly not cheap but for the person that likes to capture everything they can on a trip, either drone will provide an awesome album of photos and videos.

Important: Always make sure you follow the laws and regulations for wherever you plan on flying a drone and check the laws of a country before bringing a drone into that country!

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