Deal Tip: How to Get COROS GPS Watches for 20% Off

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Here is how you can get the amazing COROS GPS watches with a 20% discount! These are great value watches and this makes them even better!

You may have read that title and thought “what is a Coros GPS watch?” Up until a few years ago, the big names in the GPS watch world were Garmin, Suunto, and Polar. Then there have been the smartwatches like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy watches and more. But, there was a newcomer to the game a few years back and they are amazing – the COROS watch.

How to Get COROS GPS Watches for 20% Off

Link: COROS Open Box

The secret sauce that COROS brought to the table with their original COROS Pace watch was a lightweight GPS watch that had a lot of features and incredible battery life. They have since added other models to their lineup in an apparent effort to tackle Garmin in the space.

I have owned and used the COROS Pace 2 and the COROS Apex 2 Pro. The COROS Pace 2 is an amazing watch that is the lightest GPS watch out there and has great battery life with features that Garmin normally puts in watches that cost close to double this one.

The COROS Apex 2 Pro was a watch I really loved. It was still fairly lightweight with premium materials and great battery life, combined with improved dual band GPS. You can read here about why I switched from Garmin to COROS for 12 weeks (spoiler, I did switch back to Garmin but for just two main reasons – the AMOLED display on my Epix Pro and that many of my running friend use Garmin and we do Garmin challenges).

So, that brings us to the deal. I was surprised that several runners I talk with did not know about this deal from COROS that is available to anyone. It is very unusual to see an actual sale from COROS and their distributors have their own coupons blocked for use on COROS. So, normally, you pay the retail price (which is still a great deal on watches like the Pace 3 and Apex models – not as much with the Vertix since you are now in the Garmin high-end territory, too).

At the bottom of the COROS website, there is a page for Open Box and they have current and past models available on this page for a 20% discount. They come with the same 1 year warranty and 30 day return guarantee that new models come with and they say that there is “potential slight cosmetic signs of use”. I ordered a Apex 2 Pro black model as an open box and found it to be just like new – except I paid $90 less than buying it new.

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Here are the prices:

  • COROS Pace 2 – $159 (original price was $199 – but you can buy it new on Amazon for $179)
  • COROS Apex 2 – $279 (regular price is $349)
  • COROS Apex 2 Pro – $359 (regular price is $449)
  • COROS Vertix 2 – $559 (regular price is $699)
  • COROS Pod 2 – $79 (regular price is $99)
  • COROS Heart Rate Monitor – $63 (regular price is $79)

The various colors for each model go in and out of stock, depending on stock and returns. I have even seen the new COROS Pace 3 pop up in here as well.

If you are going to buy a COROS watch (which are excellent watches!), definitely go the open box route. You will get something like new but save 20% on your purchase.

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