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Deals, Points, and Cash Back At JC Penney

deals, coupons, and cash back
Written by Charlie

Thanks to a combination of portal bonuses, discounts, and cash back offerings at JC Penney, there are some great options for you! An integral part of this equation (the discount) ends today so you may want to snap up whatever you are considering before it is too late. Here is how this deal gets assembled.

Deals, Points, and Cash Back At JC Penney

Here are the various cards you will need to take full advantage of this deal combo:

  • an American Express card (to use for the purchase)
  • a Chase card to give access to the Ultimate Rewards portal (the card is just for access – you will not use it)
  • or a Discover card (for access to the ShopDiscover portal)

Register Your American Express Offer

The first step is to login to your American Express account and save the offer to your card (that you will use later) for the $10 back on a $50 or more purchase at JC Penny. That offer will give you 20% cash back (if you only spend the $50, less of a percentage, obviously, if you spend more). Note: this Amex Offer is available until 9/2, so you only need to take advantage of this today if you want to use the 25% off coupon for JCP.

Save the JCP offer to your Amex card

Save the JCP offer to your Amex card

Once you login, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see the Amex Offers For You tab available with these offers.

Just remember which American Express card you have saved this offer to! You will need to use it for the purchase!

Go Through the Portal

If you choose to use the Ultimate Rewards portal, that will pay you 10x points per dollar spent at JC Penney! If you go the ShopDiscover route, it will be the 10% cash back. So, login to your portal and select the JC Penney link to go and shop.

Deals, Coupons, and cash back

Shop at JC Penney through your favorite portal

The terms state that you cannot use coupons that are not found on the site. That is fine, because the next step has a coupon that is plastered on the front page of the JC Penney website!

Shop and Apply the Coupon

Next, you get to just start shopping! The good part here is that there is a coupon that takes an extra 25% off on apparel, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, home, furniture, mattresses, and custom blinds and shades. In addition, you can get another 15% off optical items. The coupon code to use for these savings is JCPFRNDS and it expires todayDon’t forget to use your Amex card from step 1!

deals, coupons, and cash back

JC Penney coupon for 25% off

Shipping is free for orders over $99, so if it is less (like our magic number of $62 – pre-tax and before the coupon), just choose to ship it to a store for free shipping.

There are a lot of options available, so you can have some great fun!

Putting It All Together

Please note – for this example, I have put $62 which would be a pre-tax amount (and assuming you are charged sales tax). This is because your total purchase from JCP needs to be a minimum of $50 at checkout to qualify for the $10 Amex Offer rebate. Obviously, you could spend more, but that $62 needs to be the minimum.

Now that your shopping is over, let’s see what our savings and point haul actually was. Using our magic number of $62 (pre-coupon and pre-tax to trigger the American Express offer rebate at the $50 level), we would get the following: $62 – $15.50 (JCP 25% off) – $10 (Amex Offer) = $36.50 spent and 465 Ultimate Reward points earned (because the 10x points is multiplied against the 50-12.50 since the $10 from Amex is a rebate). If you went with the ShopDiscover portal instead, you would end up with a final total of $32.85 because of the 10% cash back from Discover.

deals, coupon, and cash back

The summary of price paid before the Amex rebate and the portal bonus

This is a great way to save some cash, get some points, and get some items you might need at the end of the summer/beginning of school! So, have fun with it!


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  • Thanks for sharing this! One question – if I log-in through Chase Ultimate Rewards, it asks me to pick one of my Chase credit cards before shopping. When I click JC Penney, it states “check out with your Chase card and your extra points will automatically appear on your statement”. So if I check out with my AmEx card (with the sync offer), will I still earn the 10x pts/dollar on my Chase Ultimate Rewards account?

    • You should, even though it reads like that. I and many others have used different cards through the UR portal and have had no problems getting the points to post. It may take a little bit longer, but they should post.

  • It seems you were able to get UR points by going through the UR portal and using an Amex card. I thought you had to use a Chase card when going through the UR portal to earn UR points. Thanks.

  • It has been 2 weeks and there is no UR points by going through UR portal and paying with Amex card at Staples 🙁