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Great Deal On Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 Tablet + A Lot of Points!

Written by Charlie

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Summary First

Here is a quick overview of the deal:

You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 tablet (regularly $499) and earn $220 in ShopYourWay reward points towards future purchases at Sears/KMart.

Before you go to Sears to purchase the tablet(s), you can go through your favorite shopping portal (I used the Ultimate Rewards portal for 5x points, but Discover card holders could also use ShopDiscover for 10% cashback) and buy Sears gift cards first. Once the electronic gift cards arrive (you may need to call their fraud prevention department), you use them to go through the portal again (another 5x points) and now purchase the tablet.

Total cost today (not counting tax) – $499. Total point haul – $220 in SYW points (just like cash for future purchases) and 5,000 Ultimate Reward points (worth at least $75). Total effective cost of the tablet after deducting the point value – $204. Now, you can keep it or flip it and make more money!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.36.12 PM

Making the Deal

Sign-up Shop Your Way Rewards

Sign-up an account for the Shop Your Way rewards network so that you are ready to go with your account. Here is the link. Some people may qualify for special coupons and surprise points as well – so, you could save even more!

The Shopping Portal

First, choose your shopping portal to earn points. If you do not want to wait or call to make sure you get the e-gift card quickly, you can always just go through the portal directly to Sears to buy the tablet. Doing so will not earn you an additional 2,500 points, but it may be more worthwhile to you to get the tablet in case it sells out first. If you have a Discover card, ShopDiscover will get you 10% cashback from Sears!

Shop at Sears

Now that you are at Sears, search for the “Samsung Galaxy S 10.5.” The brown one is out of stock, so choose the white one.

Once you make your selection, you will see on the side that it says you will earn 120,000 points ($120). That is fine – once you get to the checkout page, the payment summary on the right will give you an option to have $50 off the purchase today or $100 in points for a future purchase. Select the $100 in points to get the total of $220 in future points.

That’s It!

That is it! Now, you can keep the tablet or flip it for a nice profit. The profit would not be off of what you paid today but what your savings are after you get the SYW points for the next purchase. With your next purchase, you can use the $220 to buy something else to sell or something that you need for yourself. Either way, you are earning a lot of points and the portal points as well!

Choose the $100 in points

Choose the $100 in points

Now, just don’t flood the market before I can off load mine! 🙂

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  • I follow until you talk about selling it at a profit. To you does that making a profit mean selling it mean selling at greater than $499? You paid $499 for it, If you sell it for less than that then you are giving back some of your $220 or so that you “saved”. For example if you sell it for $399 then you end up “ahead” by $120 overall ($399 sell+220 SYW- 499 cash paid =$120 profit). Other wise it seems like you are counting your “savings” twice. AM I wrong or misunderstanding?

    • No, I am counting that someone selling it would sell it for a loss on what they originally paid. If they sell for a total of a $140 loss (counting taxes and fees), they are still profiting $80 plus the points for spending. If they did the double dip with the UR portal, they would have 5,000 UR points. Since one could buy and sell more than one unit, this could be a great way to rack up some spending and points.
      I did not mean to confuse the post with the resale angle, but I know some people are interested in what to do with an item like this if they do not want it but want the points. Hence the resale mention. However, obviously the best value could be had if someone kept it.