Combine Your Club Carlson Points Before The Last Night Benefit Goes Away

Club Carlson
Written by Charlie

In just a couple of days time, the favorite benefit of the Club Carlson credit cards – the last night free on award stays – will disappear. While that is something that works for 3,4,5 or longer night stays, many of us really just used it for 2 night stays to, essentially, pay half the points per night stay. It made for some great, cheap stays all over the world but that is coming to an end soon.

Combine Your Club Carlson Points Before The Last Night Benefit Vanishes

Club Carlson

So, if you are like some others who have been talking to me, you and trying to make last minute bookings before your points get you what a night costs – no more last night free. The problem for some is that they do not have the points necessary in their account to make the bookings. If you have someone willing to combine points with you (or people in the same household), Club Carlson makes it easy to do that.

How To Transfer

Elite members can transfer points to other members. The nice thing about the Club Carlson card (which you have to have to get the last night free benefit anyway) is that you automatically have elite status. While that doesn’t help if you are transferring to a non-elite member, people that have shared the same address for a period of 30 days or more and have been in the Club Carlson program for longer than a year can transfer points between each other’s accounts as well.

In the past, when time was not an issue, I have done the transfer with a simple form request to Club Carlson and the points were transferred within 24 hours. To do this, you will need to do it from the account you want the points transferred from. The link to the form I have used is here. However, with time short, it may be better just to call. I have done this before as well and the points transferred quickly. Again, have the person call that has the account the points are being transferred from. That number is – 888-288-8889.

When NOT To Transfer

Something you may want to consider is how the points are situated. For instance, if your family is taking a trip, you would want your spouse to book two nights from their account and you book two nights from your account so that you get the maximum benefit of the last night free award. To do that, make sure each account has the points necessary to do their own bookings and do not transfer all the points to a single account.


What awards do you have planned for this soon-departed award benefit? My nights and points are all gone so I am satisfied to move onto others. I will miss the incredible benefit it was, but at the same time, now I at least will not be struggling about which hotels to stay at simply because I want that “free” night! I lost an extra night at the Park Hyatt Dubai because of this feature! 🙂

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    • Changing the weekend would require a redeposit and rebook so it would not, unfortunately, keep the rate. Of course, the technology may not work the way Club Carlson wants it to so could. 🙂